Fashion bloggers on their spring must-haves

Much as we love standing amid racks of glorious spring clothes, it can be overwhelming. You walk into a store looking for cropped jeans, and soon you’re trying on dresses and half a dozen scarves you probably don’t need. Two hours later, you’re the proud owner of a kelly green mini bag and serious case of buyer’s remorse. What you need is a little guidance. Here’s a look at what some of our favorite fashion bloggers are loving this spring.

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Desiree Spinner

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This season’s Paris Fashion Week had the most amazing street style I have seen in years and I fell head over heals for the crop top/midi skirt combo. It’s so Parisian chic. For the less adventuresome — like me, just had a baby 6 months ago, ahem — a high-waisted skirt can go a long way when rocking this look.

Lissy Romano

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I would say my must-have spring item is a Balenciaga Arena bag in powder pink with gold hardware. Powder pink is the color of the season — pastels are everywhere — and it’s a new take on pink that’s different than the shocking brights and neons that we’ve seen for the last few years. The pale pink looks so fabulous with the gold hardware and I plan to wear the bag everywhere, dressed down with jeans and a blazer or dressed up for work. It’s a perfect size for an every day bag.

Kaylyn Hewitt

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I decided to go with The Transport Tote from Madewell. I don’t leave the house without mine and in the spring its perfect for bringing home flowers or farmers’ market finds. I have a pretty easy approach when it comes to day to day style, so I’m often wearing mine with a favorite pair of jeans and a tee. For springtime chills and rain showers, it’s the perfect size for an extra sweater or lightweight jacket. And the best part about this catch all? It only gets better with age!


Noelani Zervas

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At the top of my spring must-have list is the Rosemary Patio Crop in gesso dot from Ace and Jig, an amazing line that Covet + Lou first brought to my inbox and attention. It bridges the gap between being on trend, with a crop that even a new mom can get away with, and being an item that will stand the test of time, crafted out of a beautiful Indian textile. I plan on wearing it anywhere and everywhere — with a long maxi to dinner, denim cut-offs to the beach, under a blazer, and likewise topping off some slim denim capris, it will get a lot of mileage this season.

Shelby Elsbree

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If I had to choose one must-have item for the coming spring, I would have to make it a pair of colorful Swedish Hasbeens, which are these fabulous clogs I discovered a year or so ago at the Brooklyn Flea market. They come in a variety of heights and colors, but they are super comfortable and great walking shoes. Important for all of those enticing, sunny spring strolls we have ahead of us! As a dancer, it’s hard to find shoes that are both comfortable and healthy for walking and also fashionable, but these guys seem to have it all. . . . I’ve had my eye on this pair of “Cross Strap Debutant” in red for a while now. I think as soon as we hit 60 degrees outside, I’ll make the purchase!


Susie Kostaras

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This summer I want to substitute a new casual sneaker for my trusty Converse pair. Mesh is very on-trend and keeps Keds x Kate Spade New York’s Champion Mesh Sneakers from looking too juvenile and giving them a dose of personality. I love the gold hardware and petite “spade” logo on the heel. Plus, the sheer material lets you show off a fresh pedicure. Since I can literally just slip these on, I envision them as a go-to shoe for errands, the SoWa markets, and day trips to the North Shore beaches. I’m also considering buying a pack of colored shoelaces, so I can add a pop of color when the mood strikes.

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Tobias Otting

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Bright pants are definitely this season’s must-haves. Summer is the most casual season of the year, and as it gets colder, we dress more formal, with winter being the fanciest season. Spring is finally the beginning of casual wear again, and bright pants are a perfect way to herald the season and all its colors.

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