My Instagram: Marissa D’Angelo

Throw a Michael Kors purse in just about any direction, and you’re bound to hit one of Boston’s many fashion undergrads. These stylish students are ideal fodder for our weekly Instagram style column, where we sift through thousands of selfies, trolling for fashionable locals. This week we have 21-year-old Framingham State University fashion merchandising major Marissa D’Angelo ( She’s an ambitious senior, bargain shopper, and blogger. She’s also obsessed with llamas and maintains that bell bottoms will soon be back in style. Um, yeah. Anyway, let’s give Marissa an air kiss hello.

Q. You are the first person I’ve ever encountered who is obsessed with llamas. I’m more of an alpaca man myself. Did you have a positive llama moment as a child that has led to this fascination?


A. I wish I had a better answer to this question. Maybe I can blame it on Napoleon Dynamite and his pet llama Tina? I think what I’m most fascinated about is the fact that people can actually own llamas as pets. Just as people want a pristine show poodle or a Siamese cat, I want a head-turning animal. Fashion opinion: Just like a little black dress, I don’t believe that owning a llama will ever go out of style.

Q. It’s time to talk dream job. When you graduate, where do you picture yourself?

A. The ultimate dream would be to bring entertainment and happiness to people — whether it be through a blog, magazine, or maybe even in a show. Hey, we’re talking dreams here. My dream would not only include myself, but also my family and friends because we’re all stylish and creative in our own unique ways. Any business that could include and bring success to all the people I care about is my ultimate goal.


Q. There are dozens of Boston-based fashion blogs. Why do I read yours ( over the others?

A. We have posts from makeup artists, music enthusiasts, beauty experts, and local fashionistas. It’s not all me. It’s a one-stop, fashion-forward Boston blog which features clothing, cosmetics, music, and humor in a completely realistic and non-intimidating way.

Q. You told me you just got back from Coachella, so I’m going to need to hear your wildest Coachella story. Don’t worry, it will stay between the two of us — and everyone reading this column.

A. Wouldn’t you like to know? Once you witness people covered in glow sticks sleeping in the middle of a rave, walk by Paris Hilton nonchalantly, see Matt Shultz from Cage the Elephant bite into a full pineapple and spit it out into the crowd mid-performance, or talk your friend out of an anxiety attack while waiting for Outkast to perform, you’ll understand why Coachella needs to be experienced firsthand. I completely recommend it. That is all I can say on this matter.

Q. When was the last time you spent more than $200 on a pair of shoes?

A. Unfortunately this question doesn’t apply to me, unless we’re still talking about the shoes I see in my dreams. In that case I would say my Christian Louboutins are amazing, but they really aren’t much use to me while I’m riding my llama around the neighborhood.

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