Every mom is special, but no one is more special than your mom. She has a unique outlook on life and that’s why you love her. So forget the traditional Mother’s Day gifts of flowers and brunch, it’s time to show her you’ve been paying attention all these years. Here are 10 untraditional gifts for your untraditional mom. Nicole Cammorata

The Homesteader

Backyard Beehive Starter Kit, $499.95


She’s already composting her kitchen scraps and can grow a mean heirloom tomato. Why not bring mom’s homesteading dreams to life with a backyard beehive? The starter kit includes a three-box, eight-frame hive, a vented helmet with veil, gloves, a smoker, and more — all the fixings for a sweet little setup. Except for the bees, that is.

The Movie Buff

Star Wars Cookie Cutters, $19.95


Are novelty cookies a thing in a galaxy far, far away? No matter. These adorable “Star Wars” cookie cutters are perfect for the mom who’s seen “Return of the Jedi” about a million times and counts Yoda as one of her personal heroes. There are two sets of spring-loaded cutters available. The “Heroes & Villains” set includes Darth Vader, Yoda, Boba Fett, and a stormtrooper, while the “Vehicles” collection has the Millennium Falcon, Vader’s TIE Fighter, an X-wing Fighter, and the Death Star.

The Competitor

Bocce Set, $119.95



We know the type: When you were a kid, family game nights usually ended with mom kicking everyone’s butt at Monopoly and doing a celebratory dance around the kitchen. She’s ruthless when it comes to competition, from sports to board games and everything in between. Satisfy her competitive edge with bocce, soon to be her new favorite game. The set of eight balls comes with a canvas tote, perfect for everywhere from the backyard to the beach.

The Tree Hugger

Water Bottle Set, $17.99, www.walmart.com

Help mom reduce her carbon footprint with this set of five reusable water bottles. The idea is simple: Fill all five bottles Sunday night, then during the week she can simply grab one and go on her way out the door. Each features a unique design, perfect for coordinating with her outfit that day, and the BPA-free bottles are both dishwasher and freezer safe. The tray helps keep them organized and easy to find in the fridge.


The Shutterbug

Camera Lens Mug, $15


She documented all of your big life moments, from the soccer field to graduation day. Bring your love for mom into focus with this kitschy mug shaped like a camera lens, which holds a little more than 10 ounces. The ceramic, dishwasher-safe mug also includes a rubber “lens cap” top in case mom wants her java on the go. Scrapbook optional.

The Chocoholic

Chocolate Fondue Fountain, $94.99


This is the kind of gift you just can’t buy for yourself — someone has to get it for you. The 16-inch stainless steel fountain makes any night a special occasion when 4 pounds of liquid chocolate are flowing. Satisfy mom’s sweet tooth and you’ll be her favorite kid forever. Promise.

The World Traveler

Scratch Map, $20, www.uncommongoods.com

This poster-size world map will let mom document her travels in a novel way that she’s sure to get a kick out of. Coated in the same type of stuff as scratch tickets, each country reveals a different color as the coating is scratched off. Document the family vacations of your youth and reminisce as you get the map started, then venture out on some new adventures and keep a tally of where you’ve been.

The Health Nut

Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer, $29.99


Mom was constantly trying to get you to eat your veggies and now it’s your chance to do the same. For the health-conscious gal looking to cut the carbs, this veggie slicer is a neat solution. Turn squash, zucchini, carrots, and more into spiral, spaghetti-like noodles that can be enjoyed in place of pasta, in salads, or simply as a garnish. The slicer can be adjusted to two thickness options and is dishwasher safe.


The Bibliophile

Library Due Date Card Phone Case, $12.99, www.etsy.com

This clever phone case from Chicago-based Etsy shop theminifab looks just like the due date cards that used to be tucked into the back of library books. Sure, everything’s digital now. But for the mom who continues to reminisce about simpler times before the Internet and
Facebook, this case will serve as a subtle reminder that you’re keeping track of what she loves. She did teach you to read, after all. It’s the least you could do. Compatible with the iPhone 4 and 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.

The Sentimentalist

Fingerprint Ring, silver $295,
brass $260


Put your unique stamp onto a piece of jewelry that will surely pull at mom’s heartstrings. Each custom-made ring starts off with a fingerprint impression kit. After you mail it back, the ring will take about a month to be completed. It’s basically like the adult version of putting your handprint onto a sheet of paper. Available in silver or brass.