Bike with style

There’s a time and a place for high-tech bike gear. But this is not that time. These are things you need when you want to take a stylish ride to the office or the market or along the Charles — bike accessories that effortlessly combine form with function.



Windward City Cruiser, $499,

This stylish, streamlined commuter bike blends modern design with vintage touches. Note the leather springer seat, steel frame, and cork handles. It has coaster brakes, which means you have to pedal backward to stop. The upright riding position makes it ideal for cruising through city streets on your way to class or the office. Fenders protect your clothes from puddles, while a single gear makes for an uncluttered design. Beware hills though — single speeds fare much better on flat city streets than hilly terrain.


Bike lock
Bike lock(HANDOUT)


Fuuvi Charly Kotori Bicycle Lock, $30,

This might just be the prettiest bike lock you’ll ever find. A whimsical respite in a sea of U-locks and grimy chains, the Japanese-made lock is designed to look like a bird sitting on a branch. Upping the whimsy factor even more, the keys are in the shape of leaves. Adorable, right?


3. Bell epoque

Fuuvi Charly Bicycle Bell, $14,; Hand-Painted Bike Bell, $14,

There’s nothing like rolling down the street with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair (whatever isn’t covered by your helmet, of course). But sometimes, urban cycling can be an obstacle course requiring warnings and evasive maneuvers. One of these nifty ringers can help.

Bike basket Handout 15bikestyle
Bike basket Handout 15bikestyle


Nantucket Bike Basket, $60,

Why lug all of your stuff in a heavy, cumbersome bag on your back when you can load it up in this classic basket? Carry the essentials in this handmade, woven number by the Nantucket Bike Basket Company. Made from lacak rattan, the basket features a rolled rim to withstand daily use and is designed to hold up to
13 pounds.


6 pack holder for bike
6 pack holder for bike(HANDOUT)


6-pack bag, $69.95,

Didn’t realize your bike needed a better way to carry beer? Well it does. Impress your friends with this utilitarian tote. The plastic-coated canvas bag has six slots and velcro closures to keep your brew from sliding around. The best part? When you reach your destination, take it off the bike and carry it the old-fashioned way.

Bike planter HANDOUT 15bikestyle
Bike planter HANDOUT 15bikestyle


Bike Planter, $45,

Take your garden on the go with these adorable mini planters from Etsy user wearableplanter. Use it as a bud vase for fresh flowers or plant some easy-to-care-for succulents. Each planter is made using a 3-D printer and then hand-dyed. The planter attaches to the bike’s frame with an elastic nylon cord.

15bikestyle Neon yellow cyclist shirt. Handout
15bikestyle Neon yellow cyclist shirt. Handout


“Please Don’t Run Me Over” T-shirt, $21,

Stay safe on the roads and send a clear message to drivers with this cheeky but serious message tee. The neon yellow means that you’ll be seen from a distance, while the messaging on the front and back politely asks: Please don’t run me over. Text on the front of the shirt is mirrored so that drivers can clearly read it in their rear-view.

Nutcase bike helmet
Nutcase bike helmet(HANDOUT)


Nutcase Bike Helmet, $30,

The most important piece of bike gear you can own? A helmet. You’re going to be wearing it every time you mount your bike (right?), so have a little fun with it. This polka dot number by Nutcase features a magnetic clasp, reflective logos, rust-proof rivets, and a spin dial adjustment system so that you can get a snug fit with ease.


Levi's commuter 501
Levi's commuter 501(HANDOUT)


Levi’s Commuter 511 Slim Fit Trousers, $88,

A new collection of men’s pants, shirts, and jackets by Levi’s are built with the urban cyclist in mind. The 511 Slim Fit Trousers are both water-resistant and dirt repellent, so you can transition seamlessly from your commute to a client meeting. They have a reinforced seat and the fabric has a slight stretch to it to make moving easier. There’s also a reflective strip on the inside of the cuffs, so when you inevitably roll up one leg (we know you will), there’s an added safety feature.

Public Bikes cupholder
Public Bikes cupholder(HANDOUT)


Handlebar Cup Holder, $15,

Just because you’re biking to work doesn’t mean you should have to skip your daily caffeine fix during your commute. Simply slip your cup into the handlebar-mounted ring and enjoy your java to go. The holder is lined with a gripping material to keep your drink secure. Fits most tapered mugs.

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