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Every week we diligently scour Instagram to find fashion savvy locals to feature here for your reading pleasure, you lucky devils. This week we came across a familiar face, NECN weather anchor Nelly Carreño ( The 36-year-old Texas native confesses that her bedroom has turned into a closet because her job requires such an extensive wardrobe. Just a hunch, but I suspect it’s turned into a closet because she also likes shopping.

Q. I’ve always been fascinated by what women wear on TV news. It seems as if it was once exclusively suits, and now it looks a bit like a cocktail party on the air. Have you noticed big changes or am I hallucinating again?

A. It’s not in your head. When I first started in television news 10 years ago -- I was a news anchor before I switched to weather -- my managers made me wear boxy suits and they required me to cut my hair. They wanted the classic anchor bob cut. Apparently people didn’t believe that you could have long hair and be smart at the same time. Thankfully most people now agree that the length of your hair doesn’t determine your intellect. You can be sexy and smart.

Q. You mentioned that you use an app to keep track of when you last wore something on TV. Is there a minimum amount of time before you repeat an outfit?

A. I like to wait about two months before wearing the same outfit. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been adding to my television wardrobe for many years. Funny thing is, I only own two green garments, because of the weather green screen.

Q. At one point or another, I think everyone wanted to be a weather man (or woman). Well, at least I did. Were you always a science nerd who wanted to study weather? Or did you simply want to be on TV? You can be honest. This is just between me, you, our readers, and your employers.


A. I always wanted to be a journalist. I got my first degree in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin. My love for weather came later. I found myself spending more time in the weather center than the newsroom and decided to go for it. Three more years of school and here I am. Seven years total, I should be a doctor.

Q. Have you ever wanted to slap someone for complaining about the cold or the snow?

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A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever make a huge fashion blunder on air? For instance, wear outfit that you later burned because it was horribly unflattering?

A. Oh, yes. Definitely. I keep a backup dress at work in case I spill something on myself, or if it turns out my new dress is see-through, or if it just looks awful. Sometimes clothes look amazing in person and horrid on TV.

Q. You mentioned that your bedroom is overrun by clothes. I have to ask: What’s the dress count?

A. I have no idea how many dresses I have. Who counts their clothes? All I know is that I have a lot and sometimes I still look in my closet and think “I have nothing to wear!”

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