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Do you wear short shorts?

By this point in the trend game, everyone knows the routine: Each season, the fashion overlords decree a different body part “the new breasts” — that is, the portion of a woman’s body that will be focused on by magazine editors and designers and highlighted in clothing lines for a season or two.

Biceps, shoulders, abs — all have been declared must-perfect zones, of course, but eyelashes have, too, and, in 2012, with surgical enhancement on the rise, even the chin was crowned.

The good news for those who aren’t still paying off a “chinplant” is that the fashion dictators have moved on. The bad news is that thanks to what must have been a micro shorts memo, butt cheeks now need their own personal trainer and exfoliants.


Even as men’s shorts grab headlines for their five-inch inseams, Forever 21 and its ilk are selling women’s shorts with legs that descend a mere 1.5 inches. (Just to save you some time, Forever 21’s black, faux leather shorts, 8 inches from waist to hem, and priced at $23, are sold out online).

The micro shorts not only show off a lot of leg, but, from the back, the line where the tush meets the thigh. It’s a zone so newly revealed that no one’s yet coined a must-click name. If micro-shorts critics and admirers have common ground, it’s frustration over the lack of a term. “I want to say ‘butt cleavage,’” one fashionista told me, “but that’s not it. That’s between the cheeks. This is under.”

As the sun glares, and the hunt for a meme-worthy name continues, there is at least one happy thing: short though they may be, the trendiest micros are high waisted. That’s right. You can let your abs go.

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