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That pretty peninsula

Handmade necklace keeps summer close all year long

Cape Cod’s unique shape is immediately recognizable, whether it’s seen from an airplane or charmingly suspended from a fine gold necklace. Neile Horowitz, who calls the Outer Cape home, was inspired by its geographic uniqueness in creating these silhouetted peninsulas. Hand-cut out of silver or gold at Jewelry Studio of Wellfleet, a design space and boutique owned by her sister Jesse Horowtiz, the necklaces are one of many designs related to the land. The shop features the work of about a dozen artisans, and pieces include seashells and even oysters, molded and cast from real life treasures found on the flats. “Cape Cod” necklace in sterling silver, $95 and 14K gold, $325 at Jewelry Studio of Wellfleet, 15 Bank St., Wellfleet, 508-349-2284.