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Last time we caught up with MassArt student Erin Robertson (an_erin) she was gracing the cover of the Globe magazine’s Most Stylish Bostonians issue. But now the 27-year-old Cambridge resident is in her first senior year (as a dual major, she’s a senior twice) and introduced us to her world of novelty iPhone cases and other quirky eBay finds.

Q. Who are some designers that you’re following and admiring?

A. I really like the guys from Proenza Schouler and Carol [Lim] and Humberto [Leon], the creative directors for Kenzo and Opening Ceremony.

Q. We’re finally getting an Opening Ceremony. Do you think the shopping in Boston is getting better?


A: Louis Boston is still doing a good job and the Tannery is always on point. Better? Well, I don’t think it’s getting worse.

Q. Where are you shopping?

A. I’m a student so I can’t do anything too crazy but I go to H&M, Zara, Forever 21. . . eBay. . . .

Q. What are you finding on eBay?

A. It’s usually where I get my iPhone cases and fun glasses. And I use it for materials, like furs and leathers. I found my banana phone on eBay. I’m obsessed with iPhone cases, so that might be the best. And my sunglasses. They’re silver but then I got prescription mirrored lenses in them at optical 88. The frames were like $6 from China.

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Q. What have you been up to since the last time we chatted?

A. I was in one of my MassArt friend’s films. He’s a local skater and made a film for an international competition and won a prize for most creative. I played a teacher watching over four skaters in detention. Other than that, I’ve been hardcore doing my senior collection.

Q. Can you tell us about it or is it a secret?


A. Oh no way, I’d rather get the word out. The inspiration is perspective, as far as someone’s perspective on “blank.” Even of fashion and people’s ideas of it. Like the fashion industry, for me, I think fashion is more art, so my perspective is more artistic than industry. I just want to be a fashion artist. I used all these trippy prints that make your eyes wiggle. My friend’s uncle did drawing in the ’80s-early 2000s and then he passed away. They’re crazy ink drawings that sparked the idea so I’ve been making digital prints out of his art with weavings that match.

Q. Is there any competition when it comes to the senior collection?

A. I love my year and I think we have so many talented people in it. We’re a really positive group and I think that adds to what is produced out of it.

Don't h8 wearing 20's geddup.

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Q. Do do you think you’ll move to New York once you graduate?

A. A lot of people had internships over the summer in New York and were a little turned off about it.

Recently I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to be defined by only making clothes. I want to have fashion in my life, but I really want to make everything, like furniture and interior design. I have an idea of creating a whole look for someone for their daily life.

Skunk in love. #surfboard #massart

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