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To our readers

This seems like the right time to reveal a secret. For two years, we’ve been quietly plotting to convert the Globe’s daily features tabloid, g, into the section that you’re holding now — not because g wasn’t good. It was actually quite good. But given the insights of our arts critics (who’ve won three Pulitzer Prizes in the past seven years), the quality of our feature reporters, the mastery of our food writers and restaurant critic, and the depth of our photo journalists, we’ve wanted their work to spread across a full-throttlefull-throttle broadsheet section with greater ambitions and a bolder design. It seemed only fitting.

And that’s what we have, starting now. Every day will have a theme: MondayFamily, TuesdayStories, WednesdayFood, ThursdayScene, (Friday) Weekend, and SaturdayLife. There’ll be new columns penned by, among others, our award-winning film reviewer Ty Burr and the decorated Boston restaurateur Gordon Hamersley. There will be new features on books, dining, nightlife, technology, and the arts all through the week. Much has been preserved, including health and wellness coverage, which moves from Mondays to Saturdays. Some daily elements now appear in another part of the paper, such as the comics, puzzles, Astrological Forecast, and This Day in History, which are in Metro.


The goal is to give you more, in better form. Please feel free to send me your thoughts.

Brian McGrory, Editor