WHERE Red Bird

WHAT A roughly 7-by-5-foot tree branch sculpture mounted above the Waltham bistro’s open kitchen. Surprise! It’s made from utensils left from a former tenant, the Tuscan Grill.

Whose idea Chef-owner Daniel Stokes wanted to showcase a small red wooden bird, the restaurant’s namesake. (Stokes hails from St. Louis, and his Cardinals were playing the Red Sox in the World Series when he was thinking about potential names.) He and Boston-based McMahon Architects decided to fashion forks, knives, and spoons he’d inherited from his predecessor — “no fancy silver, just standard utensils” — into a piece of art. Stokes took his bounty to Stuart Pitchel of Somerville’s SRP Sign Corp., known for metalwork and restaurant signage. Pitchel transformed them into a shiny, stylish perch. “I think it’s good luck to have something from the old space here,” Stokes says. Red Bird, 361 Moody St., Waltham, 781-891-5486,