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Bastille Kitchen’s 18th-century engraving


WHERE Bastille Kitchen

WHAT Hanging in the Fort Point bistro's upper-level bar, a large, framed 18th-century engraving of a topless woman. It's called "Vue de Paris."

WHOSE IDEA Designer Petra Hausberger of Brookline’s Somerton Park Interiors styled Bastille’s space with images from the French Revolution (Marie Antoinette features prominently in the decor). Hausberger was also looking for something playful, because “Bastille has a sexy vibe.” She discovered this classical-looking engraving on a scouting trip to Paris’s Galerie Napoleon. “It’s the most beautiful, authentic, tiny little gallery that carries just about any historic document or image you’re looking for,” she says. “This came with museum-grade matting, wrapped in beautiful French paper.” As for the woman clutching the arms of Paris, Hausberger believes she “evokes Paris at its best: history and chicness. Even though this work is from the late 18th century, it’s a timeless image that celebrates women.” Bastille Kitchen, 49 Melcher St., Fort Point, Boston, 617-556-8000, www.bastillekitchen.net