Get creative with prints and originals by local artists.

“Agate Abstract” Watercolor by Jennifer Rork for Verso, $28 online at


Pineapple watercolor By Bianca Bello for WildHumm, $15 online at www.wildhumm.etsy.com.

“Pale Winter Sky” By Marcia Crumley for Watermediaworks, $600 online at www.watermediaworks.etsy.com.

Owl print By Happy Owl Glassworks, $15 online at www.happyowl.etsy.com.

“Crown 2” By Kaylie Abela, $125 online at www.kaylieabelaart.etsy.com.

“Bakers Gonna Bake” Print by Faith Towers for Shop Design Fixation, $18 at www.shopdesignfixation.etsy.com.