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My Workout

Maria Stephanos, 49, FOX 25 news anchor

Maria Stephanos in the gym.
Maria Stephanos in the gym.wendy maeda/ globe staff


What’s your regular fitness routine?

I work out at the Foxborough YMCA, Monday through Friday, at 9:15. The class I take includes strengthening, weight lifting, sports conditioning, a variety of stuff. It’s an hour class, although I never last that long because I always have my phone out, getting texts.

A typical class?

We might do different stations — running through ladders, burpies, overhead press, sit-ups, etc. Nothing exotic, just a good overall body conditioning. By 10:15, I never think about it the rest of the day.

When did you start working out?

Being active has been my lifestyle since I could walk. My mother walked 8 miles every day. My grandfather, who ran a Milton mom-and-pop shop, walked everywhere. I just carry on the family tradition.


Were you an athletic kid?

Pretty much. Captain of my high school tennis team. Rode my bike every day. I’ve run the Boston Marathon, too — once, in 2004. It was the fourth hottest on record. I ran it with my husband — he’s an Ironman triathlete — and finished, then took three bags of fluid in the medical tent. It was awful.

What made you decide to run it?

I’d covered it as a reporter and found it so inspiring, I thought: I have to do this. But I’m definitely not a runner. I used to run all the time, but I don’t anymore.

How do you schedule regular workout time?

Not working out for me is not an option. During all those winter snowstorms, stuck at work night after night, I’d go into a back room and use a 7-minute workout app I have on my phone. It hits every core group. You find a way, is what I’m saying.