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Jessica Levy’s rose-gold locks are her signature on her Instagram, @champagne_thursday. The lifestyle blogger, 30, works in academic publishing by day, and moved to the area nearly eight years ago after attending college at Holy Cross.

Q. How would you define your style?

A. It’s a little bit Jekyll and Hyde. For the 9-5, I do a lot of pencil skirts in black and grays. It’s kind of conservative. I like a lot of sequins and neon colors, but it doesn’t make it into the office often. I grew up dancing and going to lots of dance recitals and shows so I think it still shows up in my wardrobe sometimes. But my day-to-day is usually just denim and an oversize T-shirt with a leather jacket and sunglasses. Or something striped. I wear a lot of stripes.


Q. Do you find that your hair color influences the way you dress?

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A. It’s why I wear gray and black a lot, because my head is like, well, neon. I’ve really liked pink hair for a really long time and about a year ago, I decided to go for it. I modeled for a while, so pink hair wasn’t very useful. But I was like, “Well, I’m going to be 30 and if I’m not going to do it now, when am I ever going to do it?” But I checked with work first to make sure I wasn’t going to get fired.

Q. Has it become a point of conversation?

A.I’m not super outgoing when I go into crowds, so it’s a good introduction point.

Q. I know that unique colors can be difficult to maintain, especially long-term. What’s your care process like?


A.I’ve gotten very used to greasy hair. I used to wash every day, but now I can stretch about five days between washing with some training. I get the roots done maybe every four to six weeks and renew the color, too.

Also, now that I’ve seen the fading process, I’ll go in asking for it a little bit bolder than I intend it to be. It’ll be a soft magenta at first, but it’s never super Day-Glo, because I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a cheap Halloween wig.

Then the shade depends how long ago it got dyed. If I leave the salon with it baby pink, it’ll be blond within two shampoos. Currently it’s light cotton candy pink, but I need to get it done in about two weeks so it’ll be vibrant again. It changes all the time. But that’s just the cause of general hygiene.

Q. Do you consider yourself a trend follower?

A.I don’t like to follow trends too closely. I like things that are tried and true. My hair does enough talking.


Q. Who do you follow on Instagram?

A.I follow a lot of Boston bloggers and small businesses, like Olives & Grace in the South End. And I like hysterical pet Instagram accounts, like@tunameltsmyheart is my favorite. It’s this Chiweenie with a major overbite. I like accounts that don’t take themselves too seriously.

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