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Photographer Emily Quach (@lovelyemy) has science on her mind, but fashion in her heart. The 22-year-old Los Angeles native graduated from Boston University in May with a degree in biology and is currently an optometric technician intern, but spends her free time shooting the loveliest, light-filled lookbooks for some of the city’s favorite boutiques and brands.

Q. How did you get into fashion photography?

A. I started photographing fashion maybe when I was 16 or 17 years old. I actually started off as a model for Hoyu Professional, a Japanese hair company, and a local Japanese boutique. I started getting interested in the equipment the photographers had and they slowly taught me and sparked my interest. It took me about three years to really figure out what my style was. I like to explain my photography style as a subtle, vintage film feel with colors that express happiness and love.

Q. You often photograph yourself and have some of the prettiest ethereal selfies I’ve ever seen.

A. Oh my goodness — I am incredibly shy. One thing that I pride myself in is natural light. I basically taught myself how to catch the best natural lighting through my selfies and self portraits. I was actually a beauty and fashion blogger when I was younger, before I focused on becoming a photographer, so I took a lot of lookbooks and self-portraits a few years back of myself with a tripod since I was too shy to have others photograph me.

Q. What’s your thought on Boston fashion?


A. Ever since I moved here from Los Angeles, I’ve noticed how fashion here is so much different from back home. No matter how much I would love to, I feel as though it’s more difficult to wear sundresses, floppy hats, and heels during spring and summer in Boston. The weather here is incredibly difficult to predict — windy, humid, rain, you name it. So, I feel like the trends here aren’t as extreme.

Q. Where are some of your favorite spots to shoot?

A. When I miss home, I love looking for places I can shoot that give the same vibes as home. One of my favorites is a small green marsh area across from Wollaston Beach in Quincy. It’s amazing to shoot there during late spring and early winter for a summer feel. And when I lived near BU I really enjoyed the walkway along Storrow and the Charles. If you head over in that direction in early spring to late spring, there are literally thousands of blossoms blooming and falling everywhere.


Q. How did you get involved with local boutiques?

A. One of the first major boutiques that I have worked with was Crush on Newbury. My close friend Christine and I met one of the owners at an event at Boston University, and before we knew it, we were shooting their spring lookbook with models from Maggie Inc. After that, we were contacted to shoot lookbooks for a few other boutiques. I suppose college is what really helped me get involved.

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