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My Instagram: Nicole Bass

Photographer Nicole Baas, 31, (@nicolebaas) is an Ohio native who moved to Boston several years ago, but kept her cellphone’s area code so her grandmother wouldn’t have to dial long distance. It’s that brand of kindess that shows in her sweet, sentimental lifestyle and wedding photography that keeps her small business afloat.

Q. How did you end up pursuing photography as a full-time job?

A. I guess it was my overall disposition when I was working in advertising. I was shooting weddings where everyone is always happy every weekend. It’s like being at a really great party every weekend and then going back to an office job five days a week where it’s very cut-throat.


I started shooting film in high school where I learned about developing and dark room skills. But I didn’t pick it up again until after college when I shot a friend’s wedding pro bono. I never considered it a career option originally, but I knew I could share a piece of myself in a creative sense, but also have a career with it.

Q. What do couples overlook when choosing a wedding photographer?

A. I think a lot of people are very focused on picking photographers who have shot their venue before, but I think that’s less important than having a photographer who understands general composition and the best times of day to shoot. Anyone can drive out and see a venue and find the best spots, but not everyone has experience putting together an entire portfolio of images that work beautifully together.

Q. What about the relationship between a photographer and a couple — what are some things couples should be asking or doing differently?

A. This year I tried doing more double exposures and cinemagraphs during my weddings, but if people don’t allot enough time to allow their photographers to be creative, that can be a problem. When a photographer is trying to get everything done in 15 minutes to run and get to cocktail hour, it’s hard to shoot these types of creative projects that can be really cool. If people choose their photographers based on their creativity and style, they should open up and trust them and allot them ample time.


Q. What’s your favorite season to photograph?

A. I think, in New England, it has to be the fall. There are so many colors and it’s really temperate, so people are really easy to manage when everyone isn’t standing around in tuxedos when it’s really hot.

Q. A lot of Instagrammers in the wedding industry fill their personal accounts with their work during wedding season, but you rarely do. Is there a reason you keep yours separate? (Nicole’s professional account is @nicolebaasphoto.)

A. I think by having that account, it conveys the way I choose to live my life and captures the essence of who I am. Then hopefully people can decide whether they want to work with me or not.

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