Towel off — your next yoga must-have

Yoga mat towels not only assist with the slippage factor when things get sweaty, they also provide a machine-washable barrier between your mat and your face during the intimate moments of child’s pose.

But they’re not always the easiest tool to practice with — they bunch, they slide, and if you’re like me, you forget them at home. Yoga Design Lab has your back. Their Combo Mat ($68) combines a lightweight 3.5mm biodegradable tree rubber mat with an absorbent top layer in an array of vivid, on-trend prints. Think of a pink peony flower bomb, a dreamy violet watercolor ombre, and a psychedelic collaboration with designer Mara Hoffman.


The mats can be popped into a washing machine (and hung dry) once they get gnarly, and each purchase gives $1 back to urban youth yoga programs. Available at Athlete by Design Boutique at Inner Strength Studios, 309 Main St., Watertown. www.innerstrengthstudios.com

Rachel Raczka can be reached at rachel.raczka@globe.com