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My Instagram: Patrick Sporleder

Patrick Sporleder

Patrick Sporleder (@patricksporleder) was just 18 when he moved to Boston from Indiana six years ago. Now the fashion photographer is making a name for himself, working with Luke Aaron, Samantha House, and Gary Tardiff. On his Instagram, Sporleder posts some of his fashion work, but also work that he’s done in food, as well as plenty of entertaining glimpses behind the scenes.

Q. How do you decide what goes on Instagram?

A. That’s a great question. I just choose what I like. I like a lot of nature, so plants and flowers. There are a lot of arrangements that I’ve done. Just anything that catches my eye.


Q. What inspires your style?

A. What inspires me is a lot of old films like Alfred Hitchcock or like old photography like ’50s style. Nature inspires me for sure. Flowers are all over my Instagram. Definitely fashion, of course. Clothing is all over my Instagram too.Q. If you could choose someone to work with, who would it be?

A. I would love to work with Steven Meisel. He has some influence on my work for sure.

Q. Is there anything you’re working on right now that’ll soon be up on Instagram?

A. I am currently working with the Mastered school that’s based in London and started by Sam McKnight. It’s a great program for all kinds of people in hair, makeup, and fashion-related talents. We just did a brief on Adidas. It was a project for the relaunch of the two different lines. We did three images and a 15-second video for Instagram. The models I chose to use were two androgynous-looking girls, one is more feminine and the other is a boyish character. Some of it is on Instagram right now but the others will be on there shortly.


Q. Are your passions mostly in fashion photography or do you pursue other types of photography just as seriously?

A. My main passion is fashion photography, but I’ve enjoyed taking photos of real estate as well. My other job/passion would be photo-retouching. I retouch for photographers in Boston.

Q. Since you use Instagram filters on some of the more personal or behind the scenes shots, what’s your favorite filter to use?

A. I do not have a favorite filter, though I tend to use filters that are warmer in color.

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