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‘Cupcake Wars’ chef’s vegan restaurant, by CHLOE, is coming to Boston

Guac burger, air-baked sweet potato fries, and seasonal lemonade at by CHLOE. The New York City restaurant is opening this summer in Boston’s Seaport District. Mikey Pozarik

New York City vegan restaurant by CHLOE will open in Boston’s Seaport District this summer, with additional area locations to follow. Chef Chloe Coscarelli and business partner Samantha Wasser will launch their first local shop at 101 Seaport Boulevard, within the new PricewaterhouseCoopers building. You might know Coscarelli from her victory on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” where she built a loyal following of sweet-seeking vegans.

“When we were figuring out what would be our next city, we took into account e-mails from fans asking us to come here or come there,” Wasser says. “A large concentration of those people were from Boston and the surrounding area. And it’s just close enough to New York that we can be hands-on with opening and give Boston the love it deserves.”


A collegiate population didn’t hurt, either. The original by CHLOE location is near New York University in the West Village, and Boston’s by CHLOE aims to attract a similar demographic.

“We saw a real need for and love for healthy, affordable options in Boston. We wanted to bring our concept somewhere with a college atmosphere, which we feel our concept really speaks to,” Wasser says. On that note, expect additional city locations with campus proximity.

The 48-seat, fast-casual restaurant will serve fresh pasta, salads, soups, cold-pressed juices, and grab-and-go items. There’s also dairy-free ice cream in virtuous flavors like Kale Cookies + Cream. Wasser says that by CHLOE will serve a few Boston-only dishes, too.

“We saw the young, changing demographic of the Seaport, and it just felt right,” Wasser says.

Get ready, waterfront innovators.

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