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A bit of Brooklyn (Brewery) comes to Boston

Brooklyn Brewery will serve beer in a converted mansion.
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery will serve beer in a converted mansion.

A gigantic house full of beer? No, it isn’t Homer Simpson’s fever dream — it’s this year’s Brooklyn Brewery Mash, happening at the South End’s Boston Center for the Arts Oct. 27 and 28.

The converted maze-like “mansion” houses tasting rooms outfitted with beers from Brooklyn Brewery, as well as local brands like Ipswich Ale and Mayflower Brewing. In a “Tart of the Tropics” room, sample fruity and sour ales; meander through “The Forest” with pine-heavy IPAs; immerse yourself in “The Darkness” with porters and stouts; hang out on “The Stoop” with pilsners; and more. There are unlimited tastings, so good luck finding the exit.

There’s live music, too, from local bands like Spirit Ghost (metal) and Today Junior (indie rock).


Brooklyn Brewery chef Andrew Gerson provides sustenance, alongside snacks from Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Pennypacker’s, and Tenoch. For the intrepid, there is a tortilla chip-sampling wall from Garden of Eatin’. Gracie’s will scoop beer-flavored ice cream. Get tickets (starting at $45) at KARA BASKIN

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