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Ashlee Beadle

Oodles of doodles fill the Instagram feed of 22-year old Ashlee Beadle of Beverly. Sketching out the inner-workings of a young adult’s daily life, Beadle’s drawings tell a story of relatability, from going to the doctor’s office to trying on new glasses, all with a dash of humor and wit. Beadle (@ashbeadle) shared her love for comics and sketches with the Globe.

Q: What inspired your love of comics?

A. I was much more into fine art in high school and college. After a while I realized that I liked graphic novels a lot and enjoyed working with a more narrative structure to be able to tell a story to people. I wanted there to be a structure to my work and to be able to share my ideas with others.


Q: A lot of your sketches are about common experiences, like paying rent and watching Netflix. How do you come up with things to draw?

A. Usually it’s just something I’ve experienced or seen out in the world. A lot of it is my own frustration. It’s usually something that just comes to me because I’m frustrated or it’s my to-do list — I’ll doodle on my to-do list and turn that into an illustration.

Q: Aside from people, I’ve noticed you draw a lot of animals, namely fish and dogs. Is there a reason for that?

A. I got a fish recently and was very excited because I haven’t had a fish since I was 13 or 14. But I am also a Pisces and a lot of my friends were really into that and looked up my birth chart and everything. They found it funny that I was a Pisces and they keep calling me a giant fish so I personified it! As for dogs, I just love them so much. They are cute, fun to draw, and hilarious too.


Q: Much of your feed features line drawings, but your website has much more color. Do you have a certain way you organize your Instagram account?

A. I prefer black and white, just because it’s more in my comfort zone. I enjoy simplistic color, but I have a little bit of a harder time with it, which is why it doesn’t show up as much on my feed. My instagram is mostly my sketchbook and process work, so it will be mainly black and white. My website is mainly color because it’s mostly later pieces from before I graduated college.

Q. Did art play a role in your college life?

A. I went to Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. I wanted a small college and it was a really good fit. I was an illustration major and had a minor in creative writing.

Q: I noticed in your bio that you published a book called “Coping Mechanisms.” What’s that all about?

A. It was my senior thesis and I self published, but it is an anthology and collection of sketchbook work my final semester of college. It’s about dealing with the stress of putting out a thesis, having a part-time job, and the nature of becoming an adult.

Q: Do you have advice for other artists who may want to post on social media?

A. Keep posting. I know from experience that when the follower count doesn’t go up or something doesn’t take off as well as you wanted, create an environment on your Instagram of artists that you admire and want to follow and take after and follow your peers as well. It’s important to surround yourself with artists whether that be online or in person.