While Greg DuBois, 36, started out painting in Arizona, since moving to Boston he has rediscovered photography and found a true passion, focusing on landscapes with long exposure. DuBois spoke to the Globe about going from the desert in Arizona to the winters in Massachusetts, photo editing, and the allure of New England to a photographer.

Q. Your Instagram photographs are mainly of landscape and nature. How would you describe your beat?

A. As far as the feed, you know I really like fall a lot, and so I kind of post a lot more in the fall season. And then winter is, you know I kind of go back to doing some more personal work. I mean, I kind of look at Instagram as one thing and I look at my photography as kind of another. What I care about is really high-resolution quality images for print, like large prints.

Q. Tell me a little bit about your background. How did you get into photography?


A. My basic deal is growing up, you know, I used to be in my room drawing hours a day, even when I was younger. So I’ve always wanted to do art. I went to art school at the University of Arizona. In college, I focused on illustration.

In that same period, in college, is when I learned how to take photos. Because I had a ton of electives that were for photography. I mean, I chose photography. I could have gone with a variety of things. But anytime I could, I chose photography, because I was kind of interested in it. And they were all film-based classes. So I literally learned how to shoot on a film camera. I just bought film and took photography classes, but I was really focusing on painting. I was actually, believe it or not, doing long exposures back then. Little did I know I’d end up doing it way later in life.


Q. What would you say about the Boston and New England area is particularly appealing for photography?

A. Right off the bat I would say just the diversity in seasons. I was basically in the Sonora Desert, which is basically hot. Just like all year. This is going to sound kind of abstract, but when I first moved out here and I experienced a few years, I could really remember things that happened in the past more easily.

So I’ve been focusing on loading up on infrared in the summer. The summer for me is a little less interesting. It’s beautiful out. It’s great that it’s not winter anymore. The one cool thing is that there will be boats out again and stuff like that, for different subjects. And so as you go through the seasons, there’s different subjects. And I think that’s what makes it the best, really.

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