ABC picks up TV series based on former Globe reporter’s book

Mitchell Zuckoff
Mitchell ZuckoffSuzanne Kreiter

ABC has picked up a limited series that is based on a book written by a former Globe reporter and professor of journalism at Boston University.

In April, Deadline reported that Lionsgate Television Group and 3 Arts planned to mount a limited series based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s “Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11,” a book that had yet to come out. Now, the book is a bestseller and ABC plans to make the series a reality.

Zuckoff, who was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his investigative reporting with the Globe, wrote the story that ran on the front page of the paper the day after the deadly attacks. Both his and ABC’s goal is to debut the series in 2021, in time for the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001.


To Zuckoff, there is a direct line between his experience writing about the attacks for the Globe and his decision to write this new book.

“This book is a direct outgrowth of the work I did at the Globe in the immediate aftermath of the attacks,” Zuckoff said. “We were writing a rough draft of history back then. Through the passage of time, you gain a better perspective, and I suppose [“Fall and Rise”] was an attempt to write the more complete history of that day and go beyond that first draft.”

Zuckoff will serve as the program’s executive producer, along with Erwin Stoff and Richard Abate of 3 Arts.

The book follows the lives of 24 people whose lives were changed by the attacks. Readers get a minute-by-minute retelling of each person’s experience, something that Zuckoff believes is crucial to the documentation of 9/11’s history.

“There are people who now have only existed in a world full of war because of these attacks. I hope this show, like my book, will help anyone take a second to think about the specific lives and individual stories of people forever changed by these events,” Zuckoff told the Globe.


Zuckoff currently teaches Narrative Studies at Boston University’s College of Communication and is married to Globe photographer Suzanne Kreiter.

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