Sun worshipers on a French beach symbolize secular dilemmas

The jarring juxtapositions of the bikini-clad and the fully clothed casts into high relief the state of France in 2015. By Patricia Nealon


// When impulse at a charity auction leads to the South of France

The author and her fellow travelers were united by winning an auction at a Worcester charity event.


// What is Phil Rosenthal having? Fun

We caught up with Rosenthal to talk about his food-travel-humor series in which he treks to six of the world’s top culinary destinations.

// The VIP Lounge: Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell will be in Boston on Oct. 15 to launch their new partnership with the Lenox Hotel.

// Go big or go home no longer applies to dinner in Portland

In arguably New England’s most revered small city for food, small plates are hot, and we’re not talking temperature.

// Vermont’s floating bridge a small marvel since 1820

The 321-foot-long, single-lane bridge that carries Vermont Route 65 over Sunset Lake is one of only three floating bridges in the nation.

// Ferry on the Connecticut River carries a load of history

What began just south of Hartford in 1665 remains the oldest continuously operated service in the United States.

// New stacked seats could end reclining wars

French company Airbus has unveiled a new plan to stack passengers and possibly create more legroom.

Photos by Michele McDonald for The Boston Globe

Viewfinder: Working Waterfront Festival

The festival, held in New Bedford, is a fishing-gear fashion show, nautical tattoo contest, and whaleboat race.

// A high-up, San Francisco watering hole on the 19th floor

Hundreds of thousands of servicemen passed through the city and through a watering hole on the top floor of the famous Mark Hopkins Hotel.

Travel Troubleshooter

Delta told us we needed passports for Puerto Rico

If you’re a US citizen, you don’t need a passport to enter Puerto Rico, which is a US commonwealth.


// Shaker rarities, Met property, and buying time

Selections from the Shaker collections of the late Ed Clerk of Norfolk, Conn., are among the offerings at Willis Henry’s Shaker Auction.

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// From culinary debuts in Maine to heat packs

The foodie scene in Maine heats up this fall as the Kennebunkport Resort Collection introduces a new event space for its popular culinary series, Table.


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// Chill: Shake it up

The newest gear, hottest peaks, and coolest places to warm up after a long day of chasing snowy thrills.

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// Spring travel

Find your paradise two hours from Boston, plus lessons from a Disney vacation.