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How to camp

Camping is big this year because it's easy to remain socially distant from others while doing it. If you've never tried it before but find you want to now, we welcome you to Camping 101: Tips for the tenderfoot.


For blues musician James Montgomery, documentaries are a major detour from touring

We caught up with blues musician James Montgomery to talk about all things travel.

3 Maine teens start concierge service so tourists can quarantine if needed

Need someone to bring you your vacation dinner or pick up groceries? Call Procure Maine, the brainchild of three friends with entrepreneurial spirit galore.


Rentals are one way to float your boat this summer

Big budget or small, there are several options for anyone eager to get out on the water.


Hike safely during the pandemic with these 5 overlooked White Mountain trails

These hikes, scattered around the expanse of the White Mountain National Forest, will take you to places just as memorable as the pinnacle of Lafayette.


Callie Crossley tolerates NE winters because of Martha’s Vineyard summers

We caught up with the broadcast journalist to talk about all things travel.


Does the 24-hour rule apply to this Sun Country Airlines ticket?

Michael Kennedy booked his Sun Country Airlines ticket seven days before his departure but then canceled. Is he entitled to a full refund, or can the airline keep his money? And what about the 24-hour rule?


N.H. wants you to come visit. Here are the rules.

To prevent further outbreaks, the state is enforcing restrictions on who can access its businesses and what those businesses can offer.