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Double booked on Airbnb — can I get a refund?

When Lisa Huynh accidentally double-books herself at an Airbnb, she tries to cancel one of the stays. But Airbnb insists that she keep her reservation, even though she can’t be in two places at the same time. Is there a way to cancel one booking?


Against all odds, Saddleback Ski Resort will open this season

Folks across New England have watched for years to see what would happen to this beloved ski mountain. Deals were brokered, and then fell through, one by one. But in early 2020, a deal was finally sealed, with a surprising partner.

How to plan a fun, multigenerational family getaway during the pandemic

Even in the age of COVID-19, it’s possible to please everyone on a winter escape. Here’s one family’s experience.


9 top gear picks for winter sports

More people than ever will be heading into the wilderness this year, and it’s important to have good, solid equipment. Here are some of our favorite winter things.

In the flurry of ski documentaries, be sure to catch ‘North Country’

It’s a fascinating profile of Joe Lahout Sr., who added a ski shop to the family store in Littleton, N.H., that now bills itself as “the oldest ski shop in America.” It’s also a history lesson and an ode to family. All in 21 minutes.


He loves Whistler, wants to ski in Japan, and can’t forget his ear pods

We caught up with freestyle skier Mac Forehand to talk about all things travel.


TAP Air Portugal promised a refund. Why won’t Orbitz help?

After TAP Air Portugal cancels Alexandra Rose’s flights from Washington to Italy, the airline promises her a refund. Then it stalls.

The man behind the maps

James Niehues, dubbed the Rembrandt of the Snow, is one of the last great analog map makers — a ski trail map painter and an icon in the skiing world.