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Hawthorne Hotel, Salem

Across the street, there’s a psychic reader and a shop that sells magic potions, but there is no sign of any hocus-pocus once you have crossed the threshold of the Hawthorne Hotel. This historic (circa 1925), 93-room hotel bewitches guests with quiet elegance: 18th-century-style furnishings, lot of polished wood and brass, four-poster beds, and rich brocade — plus a great location on Salem Common. The Peabody Essex Museum, Derby Wharf, and several witchcraft-themed attractions are within walking distance. (The hotel offers promotional packages with the museum.)

There are two on-site restaurants: The fine-dining option, Nathaniel’s, offers entrees like their signature Shrimp and Scallops Sophia in full or demi portions. At the more casual, oak-paneled Tavern, fare like seafood chowder and lobster quesadillas is served fireside, and flat-screen TVs are tuned to sporting events. Reality TV shows have promoted the notion that the Hawthorne is haunted, but hotel management dismisses this as untrue.

Hawthorne Hotel   18 Washington Square West, Salem, 978-744-4080, www.hawthorneho
, rates from $114