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Sunday Morning

Folklore in Cilipi

In a region outside Dubrovnik, a Croatian village celebrates its folk traditions weekly.DUBROVNIK AREA TOURIST BOARD

On Sunday mornings from April to November, the lovely, traditional village of Cilipi, in the stunning Konvale region just outside of Dubrovnik, Croatia, comes alive in a flurry of folklore pageantry. At 11:15, after Mass is celebrated at St. Nicholas Church, young (and not so young) men and women dressed in traditional folk costumes perform well-choreographed folk dances and sing heartfelt Dalmatian songs, inviting spectators to join in a waltz at the end. Before or after the performance, take a stroll through the Sunday market for local embroidery or check out the Konvale Ethnographic Museum, arranged like a typical Konvale house with objects of daily use, jewelry, and festive wedding costumes.

To get there, a tourist bus line leaves from the bus station in Cavtat for Cilipi on Sunday mornings at 9, and returns after the folklore ($4 one way). Village entry, $7.50, includes access to the market, entry to the museum, a shot of liquor in the wine cellar, and a view of the show. Viatour offers a five-hour guided tour including hotel pickup and drop-off for $42. www.viatour.com


Caitlin HurleyCaitlin Hurley