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    The Tip

    Artists have their way with paper at the Berkshire Museum

    Erik Demaine

    Charming and accessible, the 110-year-old Berkshire Museum invites visitors of all ages to make connections between art, history, and science. This current exhibit, “PaperWorks: The Art and Science of an Extraordinary Material,” through Oct. 26, is a case in point. Innovative and provocative works in paper by 35 contemporary artists range from delicate hand-cut
    paper narratives to graceful sculptures of curved folds to accordion-like carved figures of mind-boggling construction. Displays and videos address the history of paper around the world, especially honoring museum founder Zenas Crane’s heritage in papermaking, which continues to be a key Berkshire industry. Objects and artifacts, including ancient cuneiforms and tablets dating to the seventh century,
    attest to paper’s importance in communication, technology, science, industry, even fashion. You’ll never take paper for granted again.

    BERKSHIRE MUSEUM  39 South St., Pittsfield, 413-443-7171, $13, age 18 and under $6.