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Ride the swift Ogunquit River

Scott Lane

Ogunquit’s 3½-mile-wide stretch of beach is an ideal place to plop down your towel on a hot summer’s day. That is, until you dip your toe in the Maine waters and realize this part of the Atlantic is a wee bit nippy. To cool off, head to the southernmost part of the beach, near the town center, and try Ogunquit’s version of a lazy river. Halfway between high tide and low tide, the current of the Ogunquit River flows swiftly out to the Atlantic. Families wait patiently on the flat stretch of sand that rolls down to the riverbank. Once the current starts moving, beachgoers take the plunge — somewhat less chilly than the ocean but still an icy wake-up call. Bring your favorite flotation device, be it an inner tube, boogie board, raft, or simply lie on your back. Then get ready to giggle like a 5-year-old as the fast current carries you around the bend. The ride ends far too quickly as you wade through the shallow waters back to shore, contemplating another go.


Stephen Jermanok can be reached at farandaway@comcast.net.