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The high price of a visit to Boston

Boston’s skyline.The Boston Globe/Globe Staff

Living in Boston is expensive, and it seems that visiting Boston is also a pricey endeavor. Don’t be surprised when friends and relatives ask you to inflate the air bed when they come to town because a new study from the travel planning website GoEuro found that Boston is the sixth most expensive city in the world for accommodations, and the third most expensive in the United States. A five-star hotel room in Boston ($252) will cost you more than a room in Melbourne ($206), Barcelona ($242), Stockholm ($184), or Vienna ($233). But what truly sends prices soaring in Boston are Airbnb rates. At $274 a night, Boston is the most expensive Airbnb city. Boston easily tops New York ($231) and London ($176) in the category.

Here’s GoEuro’s Accommodation Price Index:


Most expensive lodging globally (based on the average price of hotels, hostels, and Airbnb per night)

New York $246

St. Moritz, Switzerland $183

Macao, China $168

Miami $167

Nassau, Bahamas $150

Boston $147

Venice $146

Dubai $142

San Francisco $141

Monte Carlo $134

Most expensive lodging in the US (per night)

New York



San Francisco

Washington. D.C.


Airbnb price index (per night)

Boston $274

Cancun $247

New York $231

Dubai $226

Macao $213

Aberdeen $209

Newcastle $208

Monte Carlo $202

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $193

Miami $193

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