LAS VEGAS — Do you want to travel alongside the jet set this holiday season? You can shake your head no and go back to your Jane Austin adult coloring book, but I think we both know the true answer to the question. (Hint: It’s yes.)

Virtuoso, a network of travel advisors and travel suppliers (that means hotels, tour operators, and cruise ships) analyzed the locations its customers are exploring this fall and holiday season and compiled a list of the hottest luxury destinations. These high-end travelers are spending a collective $35 billion to visit the expected (France) and the unexpected (Tanzania).


Popular fall and holiday luxury travel

destinations based on bookings.

1. Italy

2. France

3. United Kingdom

4. South Africa

5. Spain

6. Mexico

7. China

8. Australia

9. New Zealand

10. Israel

Countries that have seen largest percentage of growth in year-over-year bookings

1. Kenya (up 59 percent)

2. Iceland (up 56 percent)

3. Saint Martin (up 39 percent)

4. China (up 35 percent)

5. Ecuador (up 34 percent)

6. Japan (up 32 percent)

7. South Africa (up 28 percent)

8. Tanzania (up 27 percent)

9. Croatia (up 25 percent)

10. Jamaica (up 23 percent)


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