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You and your hotel room need to talk

iPads in the Aloft Hotels allow guests to “talk” to their rooms.
iPads in the Aloft Hotels allow guests to “talk” to their rooms.

Aloft Hotels in Boston and Santa Clara are now featuring voice-activated rooms. At the Boston Seaport location, 10 rooms sport this special ability.

The software in the rooms is simple and easy to use. In fact, most people are extremely familiar with it. Apple’s “Siri” serves as each guest’s personal concierge. Her abilities can be activated by calling out, “Hey Siri,” the same way you would use voice-activated technology on a smartphone.

These special rooms offer an iPad, which comes equipped with a tutorial on making the most out of the voice-activation feature.

Siri can assist guests in many aspects of their stay. It can adjust the temperature in the room, the lighting, and play music at the guest’s request.


The voice-activation also serves as a digital concierge. Guests can ask it where to eat or what attractions to see, and Siri will make recommendations.

Like any iPad, guests are free to use the one in their room for browsing the Internet, ask for notes on the weather, and more.

Aloft, which is known for being tech-forward, says the voice activation program is part of its Project Jetson. Boltr, a robotic butler, provides services in Aloft’s Silicon Valley and Cupertino locations. Aloft also offers technology called “TiGi,” in which customers can text emojis to receive room service. At some locations, guests can access their rooms using their smartphones as a key.

Voice-activated rooms at Aloft Seaport are already receiving bookings. Rooms start at $300.

Marisa Dellatto can be reached at marisa.dellatto@globe.com