Chris Morris

Here’s my love letter to the Caribbean. What’s yours?

A small boat is seen as the swell increases, ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma on in Orient Bay, St. Martin.
A small boat is seen as the swell increases, ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma on in Orient Bay, St. Martin.(Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images)

This is my love letter to St. Martin. In the comments, we hope you will tell us about a special place in Irma’s path you might be worried about.

St. Martin, you are our special place. We don’t splurge on vacations often, but when we do, you are where we choose to go. We’ve been three times. One of those times, we may or may not have made our son. So thank you.

We’d go to lounge on your Orient Beach, which we’d heard was one of the world’s best beaches. We were not misled. We were drawn to the calm, sophisticated-but-unpretentious beauty, the European feel, the accents, the warmth of your people. One lucky day, we discovered your Pinel Island, which we reached by ferry, dropped off for the day to lounge in the sun, eat seafood caught right before our eyes, read, swim, nap, repeat. If I had to give an answer, I’d say for sure Pinel Island is my one true Happy Place. Especially after some of your rum.

At night, we’d shower the sand off our sunburned selves and get dolled up, headed for Grand Case, your culinary center. Every night a new, amazing restaurant. Every night, a gorgeous, candle-lit memory.


At the end of our time there, we hated to leave but loved the tradition of getting to the airport early to sit at the Sunset Beach Bar, sipping a cocktail and watching the planes come in. There really is nothing like it.

We brought our daughter to visit you when she was 4. You’re the reason she got a passport. So far, you’re her only stamp. A prized spot of ink.

But what now? We’re still learning the extent of what you have suffered. We are stunned by what footage we’ve seen. We are sending you our best wishes. We are thinking of you and yours. We will be back to support you. We’ll bring the little guy we maybe made there, so he can witness your beauty and have a stamp, too.


From far away, we hope you feel our love.

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