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christopher muther/globe staff

A koala slowly crosses a road on Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia. It seemed completely unfazed by the camera.

By Globe Staff  

I knew I should have given a different answer, perhaps something that sounded exotic and alluring. But I’ve never been a talented liar, so I shared the disappointing truth.

The question: “What’s your favorite place to go on vacation?”


My response: “The sofa.”

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I love traveling, but I don’t always love packing and unpacking, or folding my legs up like a dusty accordion when flying in steerage class.

Staying at home when I’m not working gives me a chance to catch up on important things, such as watching the Game Show Network, eating toast, and thinning the colony of dust bunnies which continually grows under my bed.

But 2017 was different. I traveled for vacation! I had an opportunity to go to Australia, where I realized that I enjoy the company of wallabies much more than kangaroos. I also learned that the uniforms worn by the players of Australian rules football are far superior than those of American football, and sometimes swimming with sharks is fun.

I even spotted a koala crossing the road on a magical place called Kangaroo Island.


Even though I was on vacation, I couldn’t put my camera away.

Partially because I needed to prove to people that I didn’t sit on the sofa watching the Game Show Network for vacation this year, and partially because taking pictures while traveling is something I do instinctually, like breathing or blinking.

With 2017 behind us (good riddance), I went on a sentimental journey and combed through the thousands of photos I took last year. I pulled aside a few of my favorites to share.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the dramatic sunset reflecting off the calm waters of Lake Como. This lake in the Italian Alps was utterly enchanting and one of my favorite trips of 2017.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

I was reviewing the Nantucket Hotel and the Union Street Inn, but in my spare time, I explored the island. I came across this little brick hut in my travels. I was thinking that this would make a perfect tiny beachfront home. Nantucket regulars, can you tell me what this place is? I’m intrigued.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

There are some benefits to getting stuck on a ferry on a rainy, foggy night. Traveling to Sydney from Manly Beach in Australia, we waited about 30 minutes until we could dock. I grabbed my camera and started shooting until I ended up with a moody picture of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

My trip to Australia was so busy that I decided I needed a vacation from the vacation and spent a few days on an island in the Great Barrier Reef called Lizard Island. Yes, there were lizards, but there were also some of the finest beaches I’ve ever seen. This is my husband heading out to snorkel in the calm water.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

On a July cruise to Sable Island in Canada, the ship docked in a tiny fishing village in Newfoundland. The residents were so kind that one older woman introduced herself, then invited me back to her home to show it off. This was a shed I spotted nearby.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

In September I took my mother to visit her ancestral home in London. One morning before we met some of our British cousins we mulled about at the Columbia Road Flower Market in Bethnal Green. The narrow road is chock-a-block with vendors and cute stores. If you go, bring your camera and prepare yourselves for a lot of shoppers.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

I went to Guatemala last January to take Spanish classes, but wish I had given myself more time to explore Antigua. One afternoon after class I walked by a photo shoot for a girl’s quinceanera. I stood back and took my own pictures of the royal blue dress against the rustic yellow backdrop.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

Shortly after the Manchester Arena bombing in England, I visited to see how the city and its residents were recovering. There was plenty to be positive about, but I was drawn to this deeply sad mural.

Christopher Muther/globe staff

I have no problem admitting that I’m a crazy cat lady. If I see a cat, I’m going to first attempt to pet it, and then take a picture of it. This happy-go-lucky orange tabby in Newfoundland was perhaps one of the sweetest of the many cats I encountered in 2017.

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