The VIP Lounge | Viktorina Kapitonova

The VIP Lounge with ballerina Viktorina Kapitonova

Viktorina Kapitonova in Portofino, Italy.
Viktorina Kapitonova in Portofino, Italy.

While the Italian Riviera has been her go-to vacation getaway destination, Boston Ballet’s Viktorina Kapitonova said that because she now lives in Boston, she is going to explore New England this summer instead of going to Italy. “I’m excited to discover new things here,” she said. “I’m really enjoying Boston so far. There are many things for children . . . the Boston Public Library has a great kids’ program.” This is Kapitonova’s first season with the Boston Ballet, where she is one of four ballerinas playing the lead role in the ballet’s production of “Cinderella” at the Boston Opera House through June 8. “This is such a magical, sparkling story,” said Kapitonova, who spent the past eight years with the Zurich Ballet in Switzerland. “Even through the difficult times, Cinderella has a beautiful soul throughout the story.” Born and raised in Cheboksary, a city in western Russia, Kapitonova, 33, lives in the Back Bay with her husband, Ryan, and their 2-year-old son, Henry. We caught up with Kapitonova to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? The Italian Riviera has been my go-to place for the last five summer breaks. Renting a convertible . . . driving along the coast, finding unique Airbnb places to stay — from beachside apartments to old convents with frescoes in the ceilings — combined with fantastic food, amazing people, and a wonderful historic culture, it’s an incredible place to have adventures and enjoy life.


Favorite food or drink while vacationing? Unsurprisingly, it’s pasta. I still dream about a vodka penne lunch from an old, run-down family restaurant we never could find again every year, no matter how hard we have tried.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t? I moved to Boston last year with my family to join Boston Ballet, and this summer we will exchange the Italian Riviera for the New England coast. I am so excited to discover the . . . natural wonders and delicious seafood. As a European . . . the US is still an exotic and very exciting place to spend vacation.


One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? I can’t leave home without my pointe [ballet] shoes. My head, body, and spirit are allowed to recover and rest on holiday [but] if I let my feet rest for too long, it would be too painful to get [the shoes] back on. It’s also beautiful to dance in the most remote places . . . for myself.

Aisle or window? Window . . . when going to a picturesque holiday destination. So often, the view from the window can be as jaw-dropping and exciting as a helicopter tour. And the aisle seat is good for when I’m traveling long distance with my young son and husband. When the plane isn’t so full, we take the outside seats of the middle four so we can have the four seats and create a little play area to keep our son happy. If it’s full, we sit in the middle and give the passenger an aisle seat, for which they are most grateful.

Favorite childhood travel memory? I grew up in Russia, where my parents are beekeepers. They spent their money to send me to ballet school all through my childhood, so there was no spare money for a holiday — though I always loved the long train journey returning home in the summer from Kazan, where I studied, to the fields of flowers for the bees, and as much honey as I could eat.


Guilty pleasure when traveling? It has to be a few sips of wine that matches a great restaurant dish. I don’t drink during the season, so it’s a real luxury.

Best travel tip? We bring an inflatable cube that squeezes in front of the airplane seat at the same level to make a bed for our young son to sleep during the flight. I was also delighted to read in the Globe recently that passengers on the Logan Express bus I take from Back Bay will be fast-tracked through security at Logan Airport.