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Here, there, and everywhere

Mark Turek

Haunted boat rides in Rhode Island

Step into an authentic Venetian gondola and go for a short journey along Providence’s haunted riverfront. The Viaggio di Fantasme — or Trip of Ghosts — takes passengers on a 50-minute ride along a tidal river while an expert from Providence Ghost Tours shares chilling stories of the city’s oldest residents. Enjoy spooky songs by your gondoliers while you savor Italian wine biscuits and take in the sights. The haunted gondola cruises run every Monday and Thursday at 6, 7, and 8 p.m. through Halloween, carrying up to six people per boat. $30 per person, $40 per person on Halloween; kids under 4 always free. 401-484-8687, www.gondolari.com/viaggio-di-fantasme.


A performance of a polarized mayor

Don’t miss out on Trinity Repertory Company’s “The Prince of Providence,” a nearly sold-out live performance about the former Providence mayor Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci Jr. The show, which set a theater record for the single-day sales, will now run an extra week — through Oct. 27. It’s based on a bestselling book by author Mike Stanton and covers the highs and lows of Cianci’s career (he left office twice due to legal issues). The stage production, written by George Brant, is directed by Brown University alumna Taibi Magar. More tickets will be released on Oct. 14 and 21, and lottery tickets get released one day before each show. Tickets: $49-$250. 401-351-4242, www.trinityrep.com.

Refract: The Seattle Glass Experience includes glass-making demonstrations.Visit Seattle/Pilchuck Glass School/Pilchuck Glass School

The nation’s new glass festival

Discover the beauty and function of glass during the Northwest’s newest festival, Refract: The Seattle Glass Experience, which features tours of glass studios, glass-making demonstrations, special exhibits, and evening parties. More than 30 arts organizations take part on this inaugural glass festival, Oct. 17-20, including the Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle Art Museum, and Pilchuck Glass School. Tour Benjamin Moore Inc., one of Seattle’s longest running and most established glass studios, or the studio of Lino Tagliapietra, an artist who’s worked with glass for more than 70 years. Create your own glass pieces, from pumpkins and paperweights to bowls, at Blowing Sands Glass Studio or Seattle Mosaic Works. Then shop for original pieces at the Bell Street Market Studio. The Museum of Glass in Tacoma also hosts “Transparency,” featuring studio-made glass works produced by artists in the LGBTQ+ community. www.refractseattle.org.


EF Go Ahead Tours has created tours geared to solo travelers, including this one that goes to the Swiss Alps. EF Go Ahead Tours

Go solo on these tours

Travel to Europe on group tours geared to solo travelers and avoid those dreaded single-occupancy fees. Cambridge-based EF Go Ahead Tours has created three new trips for 2020 that take solo travelers to Portugal, Sicily, and Central Europe (Switzerland, Germany, and Austria) without tacking on single-occupancy hotel fees — and you still get your own room. The trips run in the off-season, with 15 to 28 people per tour. Travel to Portugal March 20-28, visiting Porto, Évora, Lisbon, and the Algarve region, or to Sicily March 6-13, where you will explore Palermo, Syracuse, and Taormina. The Central Europe tour runs Nov. 14-22, taking travelers from Switzerland’s Lucerne region to Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna. Rates start at $2,199. 800-590-1161, www.goaheadtours.com.

AudioQuest’s DragonFly Cobalt AudioQuest

Better sound quality with this device

Plug AudioQuest’s new DragonFly Cobalt into your computer or mobile device and you’ll enjoy superior sound quality while listening to music and movies as you travel. This all-in-one digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and amp bypasses your device’s built-in audio board in order to boost sound quality and provide a cleaner and more natural sound. Slip the Cobalt into your computer’s USB port or into your phone using a USB-C or other compatible adapter. Then plug your wired headphones or earbuds into the Cobalt and you’ll notice an amazing boost in audio quality. The Cobalt separates sounds to create a better listening experience, and its filters help reduce WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular noise. It has a faster processor than its predecessors that draws less current, and it comes with a DragonTail USB-C adapter and a small travel pouch. $299 (DragonFly line starts at $99). 800-747-2770, www.audioquest.com.


MSR’s Thru-Link filter MSR

Potable water for your adventures

Enjoy clean water on the go with MSR’s new Thru-Link filter, a water filtration system that attaches to the hose on your hydration reservoir and removes harmful bacteria and protozoa. The 2.5-ounce device filters out particulates, microplastics, and pathogens such as giardia and E.coli, and contains activated carbon that reduces the taste of chemicals and odors in your drinking water. Attach it to the hose of any hydration reservoir and take it on your backpacking trips and other travels. The filter also fits all threaded home outdoor spigots and most utility sinks, so you can have clean water in an emergency. The Thru-Link filters up to 1,000 liters. Available this month at REI, and online. $39.95. 800-531-9531, www.msrgear.com.