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Themed cruises are still going strong and ardent “Star Trek” fans can embark on their own voyages.

Theme vacations come ashore

This phenomenon began at sea. There are ’80s cruises, NASCAR cruises, and cruises for fans of everything from David Hasselhoff to “Star Trek.” The craze has also now reached land.

Children at Halloween near the drain haunted by Pennywise, the evil clown of Stephen King’s “It.”

Join the ‘It’ crowd: Take a tour of Stephen King’s Bangor

In broad daylight, Bangor can seem downright pleasant — idyllic, even. But King imagined evil creeping out of every sewer grate and shadow.

A classic scene on the Grand Canal near Dorsoduro in Venice.

Venice by design: As the Biennale shows, this Italian cityoffers more than gondolas

Venice celebrates 20th-century modernism right alongside the better-known Renaissance art.

Schnitzel with red cabbage prepared at the Kraut Haus.

A German food lover’s paradise in Maine

The inventory has grown from two items, sauerkraut and beet relish, to shelves full of German specialty foods.

Away luggage also features a built-in laundry bag that can be compressed to take up less space.

Luggage goes high-tech to meet travelers’ wants and needs

One has a built-in laundry bag to keep your hotel room tidy and a USB port so your phone never dies. It’s the thoughtful features that count.

Travel Troubleshooter: Flier wants to know where’s refund for fare difference?

When Ahlam Shahbel changes her American Airlines flight, the carrier promises a refund of the price difference. But it never delivers. Can she persuade American to do the right thing?

At the Manhattan Beach Pier, the bike path slices between a bed of sea roses and the beach.

Prime people-watching on a California coastal ride

Venice Beach, of course, is where the people-watching entertainment reaches its zenith.

Morro Rock glows in the predawn light as the town of Morro Bay wakes to morning.

Essay: Someone to watch over me

Morro Rock is perfectly still. Steadfast and stoic, it has not budged in more than 20 million years.

Here, there, and everywhere

Watch dogs leap from a platform into a 40-foot pool during Cape Cod’s annual Paw Palooza Dog Festival, July 15 and 16, at Dennis-Yarmouth High School.

The VIP Lounge with Jessica Vosk

We caught up with “Wicked” star Jessica Vosk to talk about all things travel.

Since the embargo was loosened under former president Barack Obama, US travelers have been flocking to the island.

Travelers to Cuba will soon face more obstacles under new restrictions

Visits to the island are going to get difficult yet again.

Glamping — and just plain camping — in Vacationland

Maine now has glamorous camping. (And plenty of regular camping, too!)

A moored boat bobs in the water beyond a dock with stacks of lobster traps.

In search of tranquility, a solo cycler travels Nova Scotia

The promise of crisp air, little traffic, and coastal cycling were a big draw.

A view of the caldera of Sierra Negra, one the Galapagos’s most active volcanoes.

Journey to the rim of the Sierra Negra volcano

It’s located at the southern end of Ecuador’s Isabela Island and offers a spectacular vista across its six-mile wide crater.

A family walks amid demolition debris in the West End in 1962.

Museum pays tribute to the West End that was

The West End Museum on Staniford Street in Boston holds the history of a close knit neighborhood that was destroyed in what would become known as the worst urban renewal project of the 20th century.

“It is not a nature walk,” says Nadine Mazzola, a certified forest therapy guide.

The un-hike: Forest bathing for beginners

Developed in Japan in the 1980s, the practice is growing, but it is still relatively unknown here.

She paid to reserve an airline seat, but it didn’t recline

A flight attendant promised her a refund, but now the airline is balking.

The user-generated app includes adventures that are unique and leave little or no mark on the planet. Launched last year, the app currently has about 10,000 users.

An app for adventure junkies

Adventure Junky, a new app, allows players to navigate different experiences around the world with a little friendly competition.

Here, there, and everywhere

Round up your family and friends and head to Portland for a day of food, music, craft beer, and more at the Allagash Street Fair, June 24, 1-6 p.m.

The harbor town of Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on the coast of Nova Scotia.

It’s about time you went to Nova Scotia

Halifax feels like a smaller version of Boston — with more coffee shops, fewer banks, and (dare I say it) friendlier people.

The Public Hotel in New York City, with 190-square-foot rooms that start at $150, is aimed at the Airbnb crowd.

Luxe for less: The new $150-a-night boutique hotel

The man who changed the hotel world is at it again with a concept he calls “Luxury for all.”

Lonesome George, the taxidermied giant tortoise

Conservation icon returns to Darwin Research Station

The Charles Darwin Research Station offers a terrific introduction to the remarkable biodiversity of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.

Annie Golden in Amsterdam in 1978.

The VIP Lounge with Annie Golden

We caught up with Annie Golden, who plays Norma, the mostly mute inmate on the hit Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” to talk about all things travel.

An infinity pool overlooks lush forest at this rental villa in Costa Rica.

Tips for regret-free villa renting

Villas come in all shapes and sizes to fit all budgets, and their popularity is surging.

If you go . . . Lake Como

Where to stay and what to eat in Lake Como.

Norway’s Sorlandet

Getting the tall ships here is a tall order

Gathering so many tall ships together takes years and years. “They are like cats: You have to catch their attention and then coax them to come to you.”

A Cooking Vacations getaway offers two hands-on cooking classes and a stay in an Italian villa.

Father’s Day gifts of travel — for all budgets

Below is a sampling of getaways — from simple to sublime — that will create lasting memories and likely put a smile on most every dad’s face.

A look at ‘The New Paris’

“The New Paris” combines essays, profiles, and travel information to reflect a contemporary city not often seen in standard travel articles.

The new AIDS Memorial, in the shadow of what was once St. Vincent’s Hospital, in New York City.

On his NYC tours, art historian reveals ‘Gay Secrets’ at the Met

On a recent visit to New York City, I participated in one of Boston-born Andrew Lear’s regular “Gay Secrets” tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Falmouth vs. Bourne at Falmouth’s Guv Fuller Field.

On the Cape, baseball is more than just a game — it’s a community thing

The Cape Cod Baseball League games are a lot cheaper than the ones at Fenway: They’re free.

Grainger Pottery in East Sandwich

Many layers to this Sandwich

A bustling art scene — fish-themed or otherwise — is nothing new for Sandwich.

Hog Island Beer Co.’s brewer John Kanaga (top) in the Orleans brewery.

Cape becoming a bona fide craft beer destination

Tasting rooms run the length of the peninsula, from Mashpee to Orleans.

Sisters Katy (left) and Samantha Brown on the Aspen Trail in Santa Fe.

The VIP Lounge with Samantha Brown

We caught up with the travel icon Samantha Brown to talk about all things travel.

Here, there, and everywhere

Gussy up for a special event, get a therapeutic treatment, or chill out in a light-filled lounge at a new Cape Cod spa. The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge, located at the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, just opened its 4,600-square-foot facility to club members and the public.


Travel Troubleshooter: Adoptive mom has problem with new son’s airline ticket

Lisa Coris changes the name on her son’s passport, but now Ethiopian Airlines wants to charge her $300 to create a match. Is that too much?

Top villa rental locations

Exclusive Resorts’ top 10 villa destinations of 2016.

Trump Hotels chief executive Eric Danziger (left) spoke as Donald Trump Jr. (center) and Eric Trump waited in the wings Monday at Trump Tower in New York.

The Trumps are planning to open a line of three-star hotels

On Monday, the Trump Organization announced plans for a new mid-range hotel chain, which will be called American Idea.

Here, there, and everywhere

Beat the heat this summer with new adventure offerings from Boston Harbor Cruises.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights lighten up Freepoint’s new expanded lobby.

Freepoint Hotel is a Best Western transformed

Freepoint debuted this spring after extensive renovations transformed it from a Best Western.

Jill Nooney and Bob Munger open Bedrock Gardens to the public during open-house weekends throughout the summer.

This playful N.H. landscape is far from garden-variety

What began as a lark more than 30 years ago has grown into one of the most beautiful and intriguing private landscapes in New Hampshire.

Palacio Nacional da Pena in Sintra.

With our daughter filling the language gap, we could bask in the glory that is Lisbon

In cities like Paris and London, Emma commented, tourists flock first to museums, monuments, churches, and other cultural landmarks. “In Lisbon, it’s wherever you get the best views.”

Manor on Golden Pond

What’s cooking? Culinary vacations in New England

Here are four getaway spots that offer hands-on cooking lessons and access to top chefs.

Festival-goers sample jenevers in a former church in Schiedam.

‘Black Nazareth’ gins up its spirited past

The British dubbed it “Dutch Courage.” The French named it genievre. Others knew it as “Dutch gin.” But in the Netherlands, it is still proudly called jenever.

Travel Troubleshooter: Downgraded on my flight home — where’s my refund?

His flight from Tel Aviv to Newark was canceled because of a pilots’ strike, and he was downgraded to economy class. Why won’t El Al Israel Airlines refund the fee he paid for a better seat?

Visit to a Nordic spa in Montreal is an affordable treat

To the list of must-try experiences Montreal is justifiably known for — bagels, poutine, jazz, hockey — add one more: Nordic spas.

The VIP Lounge with actress Hannah Corneau

We caught up with Hannah Corneau, one of the stars of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” (at the Shubert Theatre through June 11), to talk about all things travel.