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Ask Amy

Girlfriend’s solo escapade bothers boyfriend

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

The state did a review based on more than 1,000 studies finidng inadequate evidence that coffee causes cancer.

California moves to clear coffee of cancer-risk stigma

California officials, having concluded coffee drinking is not a risky pastime, are proposing a regulation that will essentially tell consumers of America’s favorite beverage they can drink up without fear.

Pope: Abortion is ‘white glove’ equivalent to Nazi crimes

The pontiff compared abortion to the “white glove” equivalent of the Nazi-era eugenics program and urged families to accept the children that God gives them.

Ask Amy

Woman wants folks’ permission to be a mom

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Suitsupply Boston


It’s time to suit up at Suitsupply

Expert tailoring comes to Newbury Street, without sky-high pricing.

Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘Chemistry often isn’t instant (unless the other party has toned arms)’

Will an after-dinner walk lead to something?

Connections | Magazine

A daughter follows in her father’s footsteps

Tagging along with my professor father was the best possible teaching instruction.


Recipes: Fill your home with the aroma of cinnamon swirl bread

Show dad or another deserving soul some love with this sweet treat.

Landscape architect Kristen Reimann used a fair amount of green lawn instead of meadow grasses in hopes of decreasing the family dog’s exposure to ticks.

Your Home | Summer Living

After renting for years on Martha’s Vineyard, building a getaway all their own

Empty-nesters-to-be commission a bright, modern home that’s everything their year-round residence isn’t.

The tubular frame of the pergola is painted bright red to match the Barn Light Electric Company sconces. The 1,700-square-foot addition is connected to the original farmhouse by a passageway at right.

Your Home | Summer Living

Parents add a modern wing to their son’s Vermont farmhouse

The right-sized space serves as a weekend retreat for now and a place to retire down the road.

Architect Phil Kaplan used a combination of natural cedar shingles and pine clapboard stained dark blue for the home’s exterior. A low retaining wall made from rocks found on the site defines the back terrace.

Your Home | Summer Living

Sisters build a relaxed summer retreat in coastal Maine

In the woods and near the water, the cheery and energy-efficient house sits on land passed down by their grandparents.

Designer Beth Odence, daughter Charlotte (holding Dexter the pug), and husband Phil enjoy lunch on the patio.

Your Home | Summer Living

Once a sea captain’s cottage, this Cotuit fixer-upper brings on the charm

Quaint meets fresh in an interior designer’s 19th-century residence.

New England Literary News | Nina MacLaughlin

Bobbie’s Meadow to open at Carle museum; local groups get NEA grants

The museum will hold a celebration June 23 for the dedication of the new outdoor space.

Fewer US teens smoking, doing drugs ... and drinking milk

Fewer U.S. teens are smoking, having sex and doing drugs these days. Oh, and they’re drinking less milk, too.

Argentine Congress OK’s elective abortion; bill now goes to Senate

The lower house of Argentina’s congress on Thursday approved a bill that would legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, sending the measure to the Senate. President Mauricio Macri has said he will sign the bill if it’s approved.

Karan Marwah releases “Brown Boy” on streaming platforms Friday.


Outside-the-box thinking, singing from Northeastern grad Karan Marwah

The R&B/soul artist releases “Brown Boy,” the second half of an ambitious, self-produced duology, on streaming platforms Friday.

love letters

How long do I wait to reach out?

So the highs consisted of us laughing, loving, enjoying each other again. And the lows were discussing our past issues, our present issues, and how we prevent them from being future issues. And he couldn’t handle it. He left me.

Karen Akunowicz

Tables: Akunowicz ready to strike out on her own

Myers + Chang partner, executive chef, and recent James Beard award-winner Karen Akunowicz will leave the South End restaurant on June 30 to open her own venture.

the story behind the book | kate tuttle

The gifts of growing up in a crazy family

Dr. Edward Hallowell, best known for his work on attention deficit disorder, has just published a memoir on “the WASP triad: alcoholism, mental illness, and politeness.”

Quick Bite

Two souls hanging at Two Saints Tavern

Come here for all-day pub food from Brian O’Donnell and Dropkick Murphys frontman Ken Casey.

Miss Conduct

Advice: Kids these days? They mark up fund-raiser candy and pocket the difference

Is this really just evidence of an enterprising spirit, or an unethical move by some students?

Puerto Rico issues new data on Hurricane Maria deaths

Eight days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Efrain Perez felt a pain in his chest.

A lagoon off the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands is popular for snorkling.

Cook Islands: The tropical paradise you need to visit before everyone else does

This place won’t stay a secret much longer.

Ask Amy

Girl pressed for nude photo should wear T-shirt instead

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Love Letters

When is it worth trying long-distance?

We’ve had a lot of fun together, and the relationship has been a positive thing in my life, but at times it has also felt like more work than it should be.

Hike a volcanic mountain in Haleakala National Park.

A beach agnostic’s guide to Hawaii

Here are three worthy Maui adventures that do not involve lying in sand.

Love Letters

Is there such a thing as a ‘sophisticated’ breakup?

After his infidelity, she just wants to move on and be happy.

Frustrated AMA adopts sweeping policies to cut gun violence

With frustration mounting over lawmakers’ inaction on gun control, the American Medical Association on Tuesday pressed for a ban on assault weapons and came out against arming teachers as a way to fight what it calls a public health crisis.

Audra McDonald with her husband, Will Swenson, on the Amalfi Coast.

The VIP Lounge with Audra McDonald

We caught up with the celebrated performer — and winner of six Tonys, two Grammys, and an Emmy — to talk about all things travel. You can see her June 24 at Tanglewood.

Mike Thiel and Gail Richard in Egypt in 2011.

An interview with the founder of Hideaways, precursor to the likes of VRBO and HomeAway

Mike Thiel started it almost four decades ago, first working out of his home in Concord, then moving to an office in Littleton, and eventually setting up shop in Portsmouth, N.H.

Dart players at Brighton’s Green Briar.

Here’s a list of some restaurants and bars where you can play darts in New England

Here are restaurants and bars to throw back a pint and throw a dart, too.

17downunder -- Jet boating on Dart River, New Zealand. (Dart River Adventures)

Trying out all the adventures Australia and New Zealand have to offer

During a three-week visit to Australia and New Zealand, I went bridge climbing, scuba diving, jet boating, glacier hiking, black water rafting, and rolling down a hill in a giant, water-lined plastic ball.

Globe Magazine

Playing piano at Dana-Farber, he sees improvisation is not just for jazz

His audience of cancer patients helps each other muddle through the songs of their lives, even when they don’t know the next note.

Spoons, magnets, rocks: New book looks at the history of souvenirs

The new book “Souvenir,” by travel writer Rolf Potts, walks us through the origins of some of the most popular vacation memorabilia, including postcards and the still confoundedly ubiquitous souvenir spoons.

Dudley the Scottish Highland bull.

After crowdfunding campaign, Dudley the Scottish Highland bull retires in style

“I realized he’s not just a big animal in a field. This is a guy with a personality.”

Travel Troubleshooter

His rental car was on the wrong side of the island

The car rental company’s fix is less than ideal: It wants him to pay $500, plus “mandatory” roadside assistance and insurance. Is there any hope for a refund?

The turkey club sandwich at Knotty Pine Lunch in Auburndale.

What She’s Having

Why the club sandwich may just be the perfect American food

Over more than a century, it has scarcely changed. It has never needed to.

A Sunset Bioluminescence Kayak Tour takes visitors for a paddle in the Pacific Ocean off the Jenner coast in Sonoma County, Calif.

Here, there, and everywhere

Travel news — and gadgets — you can use.

Ask Amy

Encountering long-lost aunt prompts family questions

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Keytar Bear (center) greeted guests at the Boston Uncommon Party at the Revere Hotel in Boston.

Keytar Bear gets his own Trillium Keytar beer

You can get your paws on the Keytar Bear Double IPA at Trillium locations in Fort Point and Canton starting today.

The classic with bacon, one of the new burgers at IHOb.

Devra First

I just ate IHOb’s new burger. Here’s how it was

IHOP temporarily changed its name in a stunt to draw attention to its new Ultimate Steakburgers, and it is working — so well that I just went and consumed one.

From left: Erin Bradley, BHCHP patient William Conley, Shannon Wright, Lakyn Holt, and Kelli Pedroia.


Sox spouses go to bat for Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

They stopped by BHCHP on Albany Street to take a tour and prep for the “Sox for Socks” event at Fenway June 22-24.


NBC10 hires news director

Ben Dobson is not unfamiliar with Boston.

Edward Lee


Q&A with chef Edward Lee, who’s on a quest to ‘discover America’s new melting-pot cuisine’

Lee sets out to put a human face on the story of how immigrants shape the American food landscape in his book “Buttermilk Graffiti.”

Damon Lequin is a server at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square.

Getting Salty with Damon Lequin of Eastern Standard

Lequin, 40, has been a server at the Kenmore Square mainstay for more than seven years.

Purple Carrot is switching over to 100 percent curbside recyclable packaging to help minimize its ecological footprint.

Purple Carrot digs in on ecological packaging

The plant-based meal kit company is putting its money where its mouth is.

Special report

//[1].jpg Bitten by Uncertainty: A Globe report on Lyme disease in the Northeast

In 2013, the Globe took an in-depth look at the disease, the patients, the debate, and the science.


// The Love Letters podcast: Ditch the ex’s T-shirt, or wear it?

After a breakup, is it better to hold onto relics from the relationship, or to dump them?

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Dining Out

Dining Out reviews

// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

Design New England

// Second Life

An architect turns his old barn in Newport, Rhode Island, into a light-filled multipurpose haven for family and guests.