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The restaurant critic Jonathan Gold spoke in 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer-winning restaurant critic in Los Angeles, dies at 57

Mr. Gold was the first restaurant reviewer to win the Pulitzer for criticism.

Style Watch

Patterns and color take a family room from dull to dynamic

The designer was told: “I don’t care what you do, as long as it’s funky.”

Love Letters

My wife wrote a birthday card to the guy she had an affair with

It’s been decades since she cheated, but she left a birthday card to her ex-paramour on her desk. And now she denies it.

Porcelain teacups by Mark Shapiro of Stonepool Pottery in Worthington.

Your Week Ahead

Five things to do the week of July 23-29

Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour & Sale in Western Mass., Circus Smirkus, “A Father’s Lullaby,” and more.

my instagram

Emily Joy

Her New England-oriented Instagram now has more than 20,000 followers.

love letters

My friends and family are trying to be helpful ...

How do you get your friends and family to understand that your dating style is different than theirs? Or that when they try to “help,” they actually ruin any spark you have with someone?

(FILES) In this file photo taken on July 16, 2018 US President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrive for a meeting in Helsinki. US President Donald Trump insisted July 18, 2018 that his meeting with Vladimir Putin could prove successful, as he tries to quell fury in Washington after appearing to defer to the Russian leader over US intelligence chiefs.The Republican president claimed his meeting with Putin -- who he seemed to warmly embrace, triggering outrage in Washington -- could prove

It’s a Thing

From double negatives to bodyslamming waitresses

A review of the week in things

Ask Amy

Couples’ separation leads to rift in the family

Advice from Amy Dickinson

Connections | Magazine

Where have my bickering siblings gone?

As we age, daily check-ins just feel natural. After all, that’s what Mom would want.

Why solitude is not a bad thing

Capsule reviews of “Art of Wasted Day,’’ “Alone Time,’’ “Lonely City,’’ and “Rise of Robots.’’

Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We joked that we only have going out in common’

He insists on using coasters; she’s the messy type. Can they coexist?

An internal watchdog said the EPA was too slow and passive in responding to the Flint crisis

Flint water crisis prompts call for more federal oversight

In a 74-page report, the EPA’s inspector general report pointed to ‘‘oversight lapses’’ at the federal, state, and local levels in the response to Flint’s contaminated drinking water.


So slick

A Provincetown designer proves that form follows function, fashionably

Amber Tamblyn. 22Bibliophiles. BOOKS. 7-22-18


Amber Tamblyn is an eclectic reader who views throwing away books as a sin

The actress and poet recently published her first novel, “Any Man.”

The annual Boston Seafood Festival is fun and flavorful.


A creperie opens at Boston Public Market, and the Pru gets an upscale steak house

Restaurant news you can use.

Customers at the deli counter at Cardullo’s in the Seaport.

Quick Bite

Quick Bite: Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe brings some Brattle Street charm to Seaport

This is probably the only place on the block where you can load up on smoked wild kippers, Aeronaut beer, Taza chocolate, and Bavarian potato dumpling mix all in one fell swoop.

Total Loss Farm as it looked in 1971.

Globe Magazine

The groovy beginning (and bittersweet end) of two hippie communes in Vermont

Fifty years ago, a few idealistic young people fled Nixon’s America to live off the land in Vermont. Photographer Peter Simon remembers.

Ask Amy

Password sharing reveals ex’s texts

Advice from Amy Dickinson.


Dig, a new dating app for dog lovers, to host Fort Point bash

The dating service was founded by Newton-raised sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who believe that dog-friendly humans make good teams.

Forks, Spoons and Knives on Blue Background

Miss Conduct

Is it rude to bring our own silverware to parties? We’re anti-plastic

I don’t want my family using paper plates and plastic utensils, even at other people’s parties. Plus, a popcorn-in-teeth dilemma.

Love Letters

I don’t want to move for him

He says he is done with the distance, and it’s either I move there or this relationship is over.

FDA aims to make it easier to get some common drugs without a prescription

The Food and Drug Administration is evaluating ways to make sure patients don’t take an inappropriate over-the-counter drug.

Democratic lawmakers are joining scientists in denouncing an industry-backed proposal to dramatically limit what kind of science the Environmental Protection Agency can consider.

EPA proposal to limit science studies draws opposition

The rule would allow an EPA administrator to reject study results in making decisions about health risks if underlying research data is not made public.

The penthouse suite at No. 284 has an atrium glass roof and private terrace.


Check-in: No. 284, where guests are encouraged to feel at home

The former private residence in Back Bay underwent an 18-month, multi-million-dollar rehab that managed to preserve the building’s historic charm while adding loads of modern luxury.

Paddle Inn is located in Newburyport.

These restaurants are on the right track

Many commuter rail stations are within walking distance of summery dining spots. Here’s a taste.

Alex Cora (left) with Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, at Fenway Park in June.

The VIP Lounge with Alex Cora

We caught up with Red Sox manager Alex Cora to talk about all things travel.

Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, R.I., is one of the oldest topiary gardens in North America.

Yankee put out a book on essential N.E. adventures (and we’re drawn to the weirder ones)

Instead of compiling yet another “Best of” list of things you may already know about, here’s a sampling of the most unusual outings featured in the book “Yankee’s New England Adventures: Over 400 Essential Things to See and Do.”

Here, there, and everywhere

Travel news — and gadgets — you can use.

Travelers arriving at the international terminal of O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on April 25, the day the Supreme Court began hearing arguments to determine if President Trump's limited travel ban overstepped his power because it singles out several mostly Muslim nations.

When President Trump makes news, flight searches to US tumble

Analysts at the airline search app Hopper looked at 6 billion flight searches and found that when foreign policy problems arise, world travelers tend to lose interest in the US.

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park’s new 2-acre H2O Water Park features a series of serpentine slides topped by a tipping bucket (above), a lily pad pool (right), and more.

Wave hello to Cape Cod’s new water park

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park, home of the giant Zorb ball and inflatable rock climbing, has added a new, liquid dimension.

Travel Troubleshooter

Aigle Azur lost my bag six months ago. Now what?

Six months after the airline Aigle Azur loses Jennifer Ulrich’s checked bag, neither the airline nor her travel insurance company is helping her. So she turns to me. Can I find her $1,640 claim?

A N.H. woman suffered head injuries after a bear got inside her home

The bear somehow got inside the woman’s home about 1:15 a.m. Tuesday in Groton, N.H.

Clockwise (from top left): Camilla, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Meghan, Princess Charlotte, Catherine, Prince Louis, Prince George, and Prince William in the Morning Room at Clarence House.


Royals release new photos to mark Prince Louis’s christening

The four official photos, released Sunday, were taken at Clarence House in London after Louis was baptized in the chapel at St. James’s Palace on July 9.

Bill Nowlin at Fenway Park.

Bill Nowlin on Tom Yawkey’s life and legacy

Nowlin spoke with the Globe about Yawkey’s legacy and the controversy that accompanies it.

Boston, MA - 7/12/2018 - Stoner food at the Gallows: Stoner's Delight (peanut butter mousse, chocolate ganache, banana, brulee'd Fluff. - (Barry Chin/Globe Staff), Section: Lifestyle, Reporter: Devra First, Topic: 18pot, LOID: 8.4.2514162865.

Is stoner food evolving?

We don’t talk about cannabis when we talk about cuisine, but the stoned appetite has helped shape restaurant menus.

Staff members assemble sandwiches at the deli counter during the lunch rush at the Cheese Shop in Concord.

What She’s Having

What is she having? Anything she wants at the Cheese Shop in Concord.

This place rewards eccentricity. Nobody will look askance if you concoct your own odd combination. Usually, the cashiers simply smile and look amused.

The scene at Congdon’s After Dark Food Truck Park includes people sitting at tables and walking among the trucks

Congdon’s Donuts built a food truck park, and people are eating it up

If you’re a food lover, the Wells, Maine, destination feels an awful lot like a carnival.

This year’s Fancy Food Show, which took place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

Football fields of fancy foods

A look inside this year’s Fancy Food Show, which took place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, where it’s clear the trend toward healthier foods isn’t going anywhere.

Pretzels you can feel good about from the Quinn line of snack foods

They are produced with flour ground from the ancient grain sorghum. Gluten-free, the snack is also made with brown rice flour, organic honey, organic palm oil, and other good ingredients.

Lazy Bear Tea

Lazy Bear Tea, made with leftover coffee cherries

“I was most excited about the opportunity there to reduce waste in farms, which would have both an environmental and social impact,” says cofounder Daniela Uribe.

The Swizzle Me Timbers


Sips: A swizzle — as much fun to drink as it is to say

At The Hourly Oyster House in Harvard Square, the Swizzle Me Timbers was created by bar manager Beth Hoselton.

Love Letters

Missing my office relationship

I just feel like we can’t go back to being friends, because from day one, we were always a little bit more than that.

Bird Sightings

Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Ask Amy

Family estrangement baffles parents

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Natarajan Alagappan (center) on “The Gong Show” with Mike Myers (as Tommy Maitland).


Boston man brings ‘The Last Living Mannequin’ to ‘The Gong Show’

Natarajan Alagappan is slated to appear on the second season’s fifth episode, which premieres July 19.

Bird sightings across the region

Recent sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Special report

//[1].jpg Bitten by Uncertainty: A Globe report on Lyme disease in the Northeast

In 2013, the Globe took an in-depth look at the disease, the patients, the debate, and the science.


// The Love Letters podcast: Ditch the ex’s T-shirt, or wear it?

After a breakup, is it better to hold onto relics from the relationship, or to dump them?

Listen:   Apple Podcasts   |   Stitcher   |   RadioPublic


Dining Out

Dining Out reviews

// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

Design New England

// Second Life

An architect turns his old barn in Newport, Rhode Island, into a light-filled multipurpose haven for family and guests.