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//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/06/05/BostonGlobe.com/Lifestyle/Images/dining_out_90.jpg Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

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Just what you need to tote everything to the beach

This new canvas tote from Ame & Lulu comes in four preppy patterns and is large enough for all the essentials.

Watch Tom Brady sumo wrestle in Japan. Yes, you read that right

The video is pretty interesting.

Love Letters

Too soon to move in together?

I just have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that we’re moving too fast.

Prodigy, half of topselling rap duo Mobb Deep, is dead at 42

Nas, who is also from Queens, N.Y., called Prodigy a ‘‘king’’ in an Instagram post. Others also paid tribute to Prodigy, who was often praised for his skilled rhymes and lyrics.

Maternal depression affects approximately 12 million women in the United States each year.

Could these techniques help stave off maternal depression?

The mothers didn’t call it depression. It was stress. Or loneliness. Or “feelings of sadness” after putting the kids to bed. Many didn’t even know they were depressed.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JULY 14: Pedestrians walk by a sign that is displayed in front of the Genetech headquarters July 14, 2008 in South San Francisco, California. Biothech firm Genentech will release its second quarter earnings today and will be relying on the popularity of its cancer drug Avasatin to boost profits. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Drug shows promise against vision-robbing disease in seniors

An experimental drug is showing promise against an untreatable eye disease that blinds older adults — and intriguingly, it seems to work in patients who carry a particular gene flaw that fuels the damage to their vision.

‘The Women Who Made New York’ author to talk with women who shape Boston

Julie Scelfo is teaming up with her cousin, chef Michael Scelfo, at his restaurant Alden & Harlow on Thursday.

A premium queen cabin at the Yotel in the Seaport District.

An exclusive look inside Boston’s first microhotel

Boston’s first microhotel opens in the Seaport District, and more micros are on the way.

Globe Magazine

Welcome to the men’s shaving club

A blade-by-blade breakdown of online shaving prices (handles are free with initial order unless noted; some pricing discounts available).

Young man shaving in the morning - silhouette

Globe Magazine

The razor wars have begun and somebody’s going to get hurt

For decades, Gillette has defined shaving. But upstarts like Harry’s may be doing more than getting under its skin.

Love Letters

Wait, her boyfriend catfished himself?

After five years, she finds out her guy made up social media posts from a clingy former girlfriend. What now?

Rye spaghetti at Les Sablons in Cambridge.

Dining Out | ★ ★ ★

Where would Julia Child eat? We think here

If she were alive right now, probably Les Sablons in Harvard Square.

Ask Amy

Doomsday cult sends relationships to the End Times

Relationship advice from Amy Dickinson.

Most people can’t get closer to this sign than passing it on the Southeast Expressway.


Do Not Enter (yeah, right)

There’s going to be a lot to miss about the Boston Globe building on Morrissey Boulevard, and that includes its roof.

Love Letters

They were supposed to have a summer fling

Since we hooked up, I haven’t heard from him.

Beverly resident Ashley Cogswell climbed to Mt. Everest base camp to raise money for Radiating Hope, a charity that helps bring radiation therapies to cancer patients in developing countries. (Radiating Hope)


She’d never climbed a mountain before but was determined to do it for a special cause

In a year, Ashley Cogswell, an inexperienced climber from Beverly, summited Mount Kilimanjaro and ascended to the base camp of Mount Everest.


Five beers for hot days

Here are five beers to help you while away those hot and hazy days.

Street performer Sara Kunz juggled hula hoops from atop a pole for passersby in Downtown Crossing in Boston.


Turf wars, hecklers, and flying plants: Life’s not always easy for street performers

After an assault on Boston’s Keytar Bear, local street performers talked about the difficulties — and occasional dangers — they encounter.

Connections | Magazine

I look just like my husband’s ex-wife

We could be sisters, and we’ve had the same taste in partners. But I’m over it.

06/10/17 -- Concord, MA -- New bundles of freshly harvested asparagus are seen at Verrill Farm on June 10, 2017, in Concord, Massachusetts. (Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe)

The strange but true story of a tricky crop, a vicious fungus, and the War on Drugs

What does asparagus have to do with cocaine? Read on.

Seasonal recipes

Turkey sliders aren’t just cute; they’re full of flavor

To keep turkey burgers moist, add grated zucchini and golden raisins, and plenty of herbs for flavor.

The confident cook

Poke bowls are everywhere; here’s one to make for your own table

The poke craze has hit hard and now bowls of marinated raw fish with vegetables are on many fast-casual menus. Start with fresh salmon and rice and build your own.


Pierogi that would make their Polish grandfather proud

Sisters Vanessa and Casey White learned how to make pierogi from their Polish grandfather, or Jaju as they called him. Now you can have some for yourself.

Coconut-garlic chutney

Food & Travel

Chutneys can fix a dish — and cure homesickness

Chosen carefully, a chutney will complement dishes from any cuisine.

Larry Rubin is the wine steward at PAGU restaurant in Cambridge.


Sherry is making a comeback

An expert says that most mass-produced sherry isn’t worth drinking. But well made sherries are becoming more widely available.


Nordur Arctic Sea Salt Flakes a crunchy surprise

Nordur also produces flavored salts infused with fruits. There is a blueberry salt, and a sprinkling can add a fruity hint and crunchy surprise to ice cream.


A shirtless Gronk reportedly runs up $102,000 bar tab at Foxwoods

Rob Gronkowski partied hard with Flo Rida at a Foxwoods nightclub on Saturday — and apparently ran up a pretty hefty bar tab.

Chef-owner Michael Scelfo at Waypoint restaurant in Cambridge. He’ll open Longfellow in the Cafe Algiers location in Harvard Square. (File Barry Chin/Globe Staff)


Michael Scelfo to open third Harvard Square restaurant in Cafe Algiers space

The chef-owner will transform the Cafe Algiers space in a restaurant called Longfellow.

A mock-up of Zipcar’s upcoming limited-edition unicorn car, which will feature a unicorn horn.


A unicorn-themed Zipcar is coming, if you’re into that kind of thing

If you dream of navigating Boston’s streets in a car that features a unicorn horn, sparkly floor mats, fuzzy seat covers, and sequined pillows, you’re in luck!

Jay Z’s new album,


Jay Z’s new album to drop on Tidal

The album will be released June 30 and will be available only to users of the music streaming service Tidal, which the rapper co-owns.

Ask Amy

Personal disclosure leads to family’s judgment

Advice from Amy Dickinson

Patriots star Rob Gronkowski (left) at a Celtics game earlier this year.


Gronk makes the scene at Kiss Concert after-party

Rapper Flo Rida hosted the bash at Shrine Foxwoods.

“Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success,” by Ivanka Trump, was released on Tuesday.

Is Ivanka Trump the new feminist icon? Advocates are skeptical

Women still smarting from the impact of the glass ceiling last November, meet your new feminist figurehead.

Celebs love this local company because it’s making them rich(er)

Boston-based Spotted helps turn paparazzi photos into companies’ advertising campaigns.

Who’s your daddy? We have last-minute gift ideas for fathers of all styles.

From sporty dad to dorky dad, our Father’s Day gift guide has got you covered with some last-minute ideas . . . and we do mean last minute.

Since the embargo was loosened under former president Barack Obama, US travelers have been flocking to the island.

Travelers to Cuba will soon face more obstacles under new restrictions

Visits to the island are going to get difficult yet again.

Take that necktie off, and bury it

Once viewed as the centerpiece of the American businessman uniform for men, the tie today seems to be going the way of the cufflink.

Globe Magazine

Saying goodbye to the Globe’s old printing presses

Let’s take a moment to marvel at the enormous machines that have helped put newspapers on doorsteps for nearly 60 years.

Miss Conduct

Advice: How can a quiet person best respond to bossy boots?

Random people yell at me, leaving me startled and shaken. What can I do?

Style Watch

Invited to a summer wedding? Here’s what to wear.

Catch the bouquet in these chic frocks with interesting necklines and varied hemlines, in colors just right for a wedding.

Out & About

People watching at parties for 826 Boston and City Year

Gala evenings out at 826 Boston’s Night of 1,000 Stories and City Year’s Starry Night.

globe Magazine

What’s the best place to spend a summer day, a pool or beach?

Where will sun-seeking New Englanders turn for their reprieve from the summer heat--the local pool or the local beach?

An Amazon Echo

Will our Whole Foods purchase history now come back to haunt us, too?

As any true Amazon addict knows, the company has a knack for profiling its customers. What if the same helpful — er, presumptive — suggestions applied to Whole Foods?

Legal Harborside is just one place to duck into for a beer during the 2017 Tall Ships festivities. (File Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)

Need a shuttle? A beer? A break? A few tips for navigating Sail Boston.

Here’s information to help you find your way during the 2017 Tall Ships festivities.

After news of Amazon purchasing Whole Foods, the jokes come rolling in

Did Alexa misunderstand Jeff Bezos’s Whole Foods order and purchase the entire company?

Eliza Dushku


Eliza Dushku celebrates engagement to Boston developer

Actress Eliza Dushku is engaged to Peter Palandjian, CEO of the Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation.