April 29, 2012 The Boston Globe Magazine

How Clarence Birdseye conquered the freezer

How an early-20th-century inventor based in Gloucester created the frozen food industry and a business empire that bears his name. By Mark Kurlansky

Nathaniel Raymond, Brittany Card, Isaac Baker, Ziad Al Achkar, Jody Heck, Vincenzo Bollettino, Luis Capelo, Caitlin Howarth, Benjamin Davies, and Sunetra Bane of Harvard’s Satellite Sentinel Project.

Inside Harvard’s spy lab

How a team of Harvard geeks is using a satellite—plus a little help from George Clooney—to rewrite the rules of humanitarianism. By Michael Blanding

Top Spots to Live • 2012

Monument Street in Concord has been selected as one of the best streets to live on in the greater Boston area. 20 best streets in Boston and beyond

The results of our realtor survey are in: These 20 streets — from Andover to Cohasset— win honors for their curb appeal, amenities, and other distinctions. By Elizabeth Gehrman


$379: Interest earned on $10,000 in a 1-year certificate of deposit (3.79 percent) bought in April 2007, according to Bankrate.com. $33: On one (0.33 percent) bought in April 2012. Who will help the victims of low interest rates?

On savings, it’s a point of no return. By Mark Pothier


Spring brings sweet memories of my husband

As I take care of seasonal chores alone, I miss him all the more. By Gwen Romagnoli


Recipes for savory bread

The savory quick breads known as cakes sales are fixtures of French home cooking. By Adam Ried

A Restaurant’s Take

Tasty Bacon Corn Muffins  Bacon-corn muffins at 3 Little Figs

At the Somerville bakery, a delicious savory treat.

Style Watch

8 great birdhouses

These shelters and feeders are good for the birds--and they’ll look swell in your backyard. By Christie Matheson

Dinner With Cupid

Blind date that’s all business

Will the numbers crunch for this manager and teacher?

On the Block

For sale: Homes on the National Register of Historic Places

These properties in Georgetown, Waltham, and Andover are bygone beauties.

Out and About

Abigail Courage of Somerville and Teddy Tablante of Saugus dance at s Boston Swing Central party in Charlestown. Events around town

Champs, chomps, and swingers.

Your Week Ahead

Congressman Barney Frank. 5 things to do

Jackie O’s midlife crisis, an even more frank Barney Frank, and art hopping in Somerville and Brookline.


Bruins being puckish

Center Chris Kelly pokes fun at teammate Milan Lucic.

Tales from the City

Finding a new idea for the funeral business

Got a great story? Tell us.


Readers respond to Globe Magazine stories

Globe Magazinereaders respond to stories about gardening, the Red Sox-Yankees dilemma for parents in opposing dugouts, and humor while battling cancer.