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    Tales From the City

    New York humor?

    A warm welcome to New York City for Red Sox Nation, and a lesson in elocution.

    I was in New York picking up my daughter, Jess, who had spent an exciting summer working in the city. I parked in front of her apartment building for 10 minutes to help get her luggage. When we came back, the car was gone – it had been towed. Could this have been related to the fact that it has Massachusetts plates and a Red Sox Nation sticker on it? After tracking down my car and paying the significant towing fee, I had to laugh when I read the receipt: “Thank you, come again!” No, thanks. I am staying in Boston.

    Joan A. Drevins / Belmont

    Name game

    My outgoing 5-year-old granddaughter was at her favorite playground and asked a younger girl playing there what her name was. Mumble-mumble came the answer. My granddaughter asked again. Another mumble. After the third time, my granddaughter finally said: “Oh, never mind. I’ll just call you sweetie.”


    Carolyn Bloodsworth / Amherst

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