January 15, 2012 The Boston Globe Magazine

WALKING THE WALKBoston University assistant professor Ashley Mears turned her career as a model into the jumping-off point for a sociological study. A former model delves into the industry

A sociologist goes undercover in the fashion world — and comes out with her PhD and a fascinating book. By Alyssa Giacobbe


Why New Year’s resolutions are so hard to keep

Moshe Bar, director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Mass. General and Harvard Medical School, explains that there’s more to the issue than willpower. By Moshe Bar

Miss Conduct

The dos and don’ts of thank you notes

Plus, advice on maintaining an old friendship in spite of an unruly dog. By Robin Abrahams


Spending time away from your significant other

We’re not one of those couples that’s glued at the hip, and I’ve just realized why. By Todd Segal Washburn

Dinner With Cupid

Blind date between risk takers

Will these adventurous foodies share the same tastes?


Recipes for grits

Savory or sweet, this Southern comfort staple sure does dress up nicely. By Adam Ried

Kitchen Aide

How to make fried grits

When hot grits cool, they become firm enough to slice, and frying those slices adds a golden crust.

Behind the Scene

Celtics captain Paul Pierce grimaces after being smacked to the parquet during a victory over the Washington Wizards at the TD Garden. Photograph by Stan Grossfeld

The Globe’s Stan Grossfeld caught this image of Paul Pierce grimacing as he hits the Garden floor when the Celtics faced the Washington Wizards early this month.

Tales From the City

School of hard knocks

Dads will be dads

Letters to the Globe Magazine

Readers respond to recent Globe Magazine stories, including Bostonian of the Year.