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N.Y. vs. Boston: By the numbers

A breakdown of how the Hub and Gotham compare in terms of population, quality of life, athletics, and smarts.


Land area

Boston: 48.28 square miles

New York: 302.64 square miles


Boston: 625,087

New York: 8,244,910

People per square mile

Boston: 12,947

New York: 27,243

Gross domestic product in 2010

Boston: $296 billion

New York: $1.18 trillion

Sources: US Census Bureau, McKinsey Global Institute


Mean Annual Household Income

Boston: $91,755

New York: $89,966

Median Home value

Boston: $395,200

New York: $513,900

Monthly Rent

Boston: $1,670

New York: $3,500

Mean Commute

Boston: 28 minutes

New York: 40 minutes

Average monthly spending on gas and car

Boston: $277

New York: $232

Beauty Salon Visit


Boston: $43

New York: $62.20

Movie Ticket

Boston: $11.10

New York: $13.25


Boston: $4.47

New York: $3.39


Boston: $8.99

New York: $10.99

Sources: US Census Bureau, Bankrate.com cost of living calculator, Wired.com


Championships across the major professional leagues

Boston: 34

New York: 56

Championships since 2000

Boston: 7

New York: 4

Rank on 2011 “Best Sports Cities” List

Boston: 2

New York: 5

Sources: US News & World Report, Sporting News


Percentage of population, 25 or older, with at least a bachelor’s

Boston: 43

New York: 35.9

Number of patents issued per 100,000 people

Boston: 95.1

New York: 30.3

Nobel Prize winners

Massachusetts: 62

New York State: 51

Rank on intelligence metric in a 2011 “America’s Favorite Cities” survey

Boston: 3

New York: 17

Sources: Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Nobelprize.org, Travel & Leisure