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    Dinner With Cupid

    Dinner With Cupid: Blind date between health care professionals

    Will these two discover a cure for lovesickness?

    Justin Williams and Lois Carter.
    Justin Williams and Lois Carter.



    WHAT MAKES HIM A GOOD CATCH I work hard, I’m loyal, and I’m inherently responsible, since I’m a single parent.


    WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST When I’m out taking pictures; it’s a break from reality sometimes.

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    LOIS CARTER > 33


    WHO’D PLAY HER IN A MOVIE Queen Latifah


    WHAT SHE’D BRING TO A DESERT ISLAND A bed, deodorant, Facebook.



    > PRE-OP

    LOIS I got a pedicure to relax. I’ve never been on a blind date before, but I was open.

    JUSTIN I was nervous, because it was my first blind date ever. She seemed nice.

    LOIS I noticed he was really, really blond, and I wasn’t sure whether it came from a bottle like mine. But then I noticed his blue eyes and lashes — he was a natural.



    LOIS At first I was really nervous, because I didn’t know what to say or if he was going to like me. Then he told me he was nervous, which made me feel better. 

    JUSTIN We talked about where we were from, our work, and our kids.

    LOIS I absolutely loved his stories because they sounded like things my family would do. He seemed fun.


    LOIS We [worried] that if we ordered cocktails we would pass out on the floor — we each got only a few hours of sleep because we had come off the night shift. 

    JUSTIN It took me awhile to pick something because I’m not used to gourmet Chinese food. I ordered black pepper chicken, and she got ginger chicken.

     > SAME VEIN

    JUSTIN We got along conversationally based on mutual interests — our children and health care.

    LOIS We had sooooo many things in common. We are in health care, single parents, have eight tattoos, most of our friends are married, we’re hard workers, and we don’t date much. It was kind of freaky how much this stranger had in common with me.

    JUSTIN We were having a good conversation, so I was getting a little more comfortable as the date went on.

    LOIS I just kept laughing at his stories about torturing his friend’s daughter’s date and his work stories. As the night progressed, it got a little easier because we were talking and laughing.

     > DNR

    JUSTIN After dinner, we said we had fun and parted ways.

    LOIS We shook hands. . . . I’m rusty at dating.


    LOIS B+



    JUSTIN We had fun. We talked the whole time, but there was no connection there. It is what it is.

    LOIS There were no sparks. Maybe I’d like to get to know him more. But we won’t go out again; we didn’t exchange info.

    — Compiled by Jessica Teich. GO ON A BLIND DATE. WE’LL PICK UP THE TAB. Fill out an application at