July 29, 2012 The Boston Globe Magazine

Dr. Bernard Lown speaks out against overtreatment

Bernard Lown believes less medical treatment can sometimes be more. Convincing you and your doctor has become a mission for the 91-year-old cardiologist. By Chelsea Conaboy

 Mul’s Diner provides a front-row seat to a changing South Boston. One arrival is the 139-unit apartment complex 50 West Broadway, opened in 2010.

With reality TV, is Southie about to be New Jerseyed?

Hollywood captured and ruined South Boston at the same time. Now a slew of TV shows are going to turn “a Southie” into a symbol. By Billy Baker

The Dating Issue

Can GPS find you a mate?

Welcome to the brave new world of mobile dating, where your next match could be 50 yards away. By Brooke Lea Foster


Sweet relief at the Children’s Fountain on Christian Science Plaza

A longtime summer refuge in the center of the city. By Scott Helman


Raising a risk taker

In defense of not coddling your kids. By Kent Greenfield

Dinner With Cupid

Dinner With Cupid: Blind date between Bruins fanatics

Are they a good match?


Talking to the Mom I lost

I can’t stop trying to resolve all that went wrong in those hard last years. By Ethan Gilsdorf


Recipes for grilled stuffed peppers

Stuffed with tomatoes and herbs, these bells make a pretty side dish or light entree. By Adam Ried

A Restaurant’s Take

Stuffed peppers at Westfield’s Tavern Restaurant

Going west? Stop for stuffed baked peppers.

On the Block

For sale: homes ideal for backyard entertaining

These properties--in Hopedale, North Reading, and South Natick--make socializing a breeze. By Vanessa Parks

Your Week Ahead

5 things to do this week in and around Boston

Drive-in nostalgia, maritime and jazz fests, free museum admission, and more.

Out and About

CNN chef national correspondent John King holding up his son Jonah at Fenway Park. Sights around Boston this week

Dancing, driving, and just having a ball on summer days and nights.


The Higgs boson gets a Boston accent

On Twitter, writer Aaron Fullerton jokes about our role in particle physics.

Tales From the City

Tuned in

A Burlington kid makes a good point about the radio.


Letters to the editor

Boston Globe Magazine readers respond to stories on cooking with grandparents and drunken driving.