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    Letters to the editor

    Boston Globe Magazine readers offer their picks on best burgers and respond to a story about how “team players” might be dodging responsibility.


    In “The 25 Best Burgers” (July 22), you missed Ted’s Montana Grill, owned by Ted Turner, where every burger comes with the option of beef or bison. They have a ton of great burgers. On top of that, the Westborough restaurant is totally green, which is a good example for all.

    Jim Malloy / North Grafton

    In the description of the West Side burger from B.Good you might have mentioned that the restaurant uses only beef raised without hormones or antibiotics. Many experts consider the overuse of antibiotics in animal production to be a major potential public health threat contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Many of your readers might have been interested in knowing which of the featured restaurants are public-spirited enough to use this better kind of beef.


    Malcolm Pittman /Cambridge

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    Brendan Tapley made some fine observations in “The Team Trap” (Perspective, July 15) and gave some great current examples. The problem of the team player principle, which asks individuals to cling to a group and its beliefs and behaviors no matter what, extends to families. Promoting blind family loyalty, American society in general often encourages people to stay close to and agree with their families, even if that goes against the individual’s best judgment and basic instincts. Misbehaving family members use that blanket societal approval to justify their bad actions and pressure other members into compliance. Unfortunately, families, like all groups of people, are not inherently good. Law enforcement personnel, court officials, and social workers certainly know that. To paraphrase the last sentence of Tapley’s commentary: Disloyalty to one’s family might actually be the truest act of a team player, one that our humanity needs.

    Sandra Storey / Jamaica Plain

    Thank you for writing an article about glorifying the idea of the team player that, I think, describes much of our society’s attitude. The paragraph about some thinking Chief Justice John Roberts was impaired by medication when he supported the universal health plan is a bit frightening. I think it is about time the members of the Supreme Court put the law first and feelings aside. I think we are going to be all right, but I also think we are headed for some rough times before we turn around.


    Owen Knight / Malden

    Tapley’s piece was one of the Globe Magazine’s best articles and so true. I have always wondered about the “team player” vs. the folks who have a conscience and are willing to tell it like it is.

    David Hathaway / Lexington

    SEEN ON THE WEB recently asked readers to vote for their favorite local burger. Here, the top five vote-getters named by 2,339 respondents:

    13.72% Five Guys Burgers and Fries


    10.43% Mr. Bartley’s

    10.43% R.F. O’Sullivan & Son

    6.46% UBurger

    5.6% Wild Willy’s Burgers

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