Letters to the editor

‘Globe Magazine’ readers respond to stories about teaching children about risk, Southie’s upcoming moment in the reality TV spotlight, and whether it’s appropriate to read ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in public.


Regarding “Raising a Risk Taker” by Kent Greenfield (Perspective, July 29), one of the skills I learned as the parent of a now 26-year-old born risk taker was to not project my anxiety and instead to urge her toward cautious decision making.  When my daughter was not quite 2, she loved to climb to the top of the monkey bars at our local park, horrifying the other mothers. Her father and I both taught her to pay attention to how she climbed up, so she would know how to reverse her steps to go back down. Two dozen years later, she’s into rock climbing, sky-diving, and base jumping and has learned the precautions of her interests well, so she is as safe as possible while enjoying her extreme sports.

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