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    Dinner With Cupid

    Now that’s amore!

    Will these two blind daters bond over Italian cuisine?



    WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH I’m extremely smart, attractive . . . and modest.

    WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST When I finally get to relax with my friends after a hard week of work



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    HER PERFECT DATE Low-key but fun, like dinner at a new or interesting restaurant or a

    cool concert. The person matters more than the place.

    WHAT HER EXES LOVED My sense of humor and my charm


    > PRIMI  

    MEGAN I felt some last-minute nerves when I got to Arturo’s, so I texted some friends to see if they had any words of wisdom. I’d been sitting down for a few minutes when I heard: “Hi. Are you Megan?”


    DAN I got there at just about 8. She was already there waiting.

    MEGAN Dan seemed really confident and friendly, and we started chatting right away, which I thought was a good sign. 

    DAN Megan’s an attractive girl. She seemed pretty calm and comfortable. We didn’t have much time to talk before ordering drinks, as our server was watching us like a hawk.


    MEGAN Dan’s very articulate and funny, which is key in my book. We talked about how much we both liked to travel, but [agreed] that there’s nothing like coming home to Boston. There were never any awkward lulls.

    DAN I felt very comfortable; Megan is very nice and easy to talk to. I genuinely enjoyed her company. On top of that, I don’t scare easily. We talked about work, living situations, interests, and other things.


    MEGAN We both like to travel, we’re close with our families, like similar kinds of music, and value our friendships — Dan and I seemed to get on well. We have similar senses of humor, and we made each other laugh a lot.


    MEGAN There definitely was some flirting, but I couldn’t tell if any of it was sparks. He invited me to hang out after with his friends — if I hadn’t had to go back to my parents’ house for Sunday morning activities, I would have. 

    DAN We finished our tiramisu, exchanged numbers, gave each other a hug goodbye, and promised to stay in touch.

    MEGAN We hugged — which I think is appropriate for a first date. I texted to thank him again for a great night, and he texted back that he enjoyed himself, too, and hoped we’d see each other again before he leaves for South America for three months. 



    DAN A


    MEGAN Definitely, as a date or as friends. He was a great guy to drink a beer and have a conversation with. 

    DAN If the Globe pays for it again, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.  

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