Dinner With Cupid

Dinner with Cupid: A leap of faith

Will these two sky-diving fans find love on the way down?



WHAT MAKES HER A GOOD CATCH I am easygoing and love to do things on a whim. I am not the best planner, but I find that I can go with the flow and really enjoy life.


HER PERFECT DATE I don’t care what we do as long as there is some connection.

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Support technician

WHAT MAKES HIM A GOOD CATCH I have awesome couponing skills. I’m a master of dry humor. I’m an all-around great guy.

HIS PERFECT DATE Exploring somewhere new and experiencing something different with someone special




MEG My roommate and I went to a bar and I had a drink. It didn’t help.

DAVID I was a little anxious, but excited to see where things might go.

MEG I arrived at 8; he was already [seated] . . . right then and there I assumed he was going to be a stick- in-the-mud.


DAVID Meg was taller and had nice hair. Attractive. Before she sat down, she had already asked me her first question, and it just continued from there.


MEG He looked way too young. He also was dressed like he was going to go to an interview. I immediately asked him what he does for work, because I wasn’t even sure if he was old enough to work.

DAVID We talked about everything from travel, to parents, to work, and even Groupon. Both of us enjoy finding a good excuse to try somewhere new; we both have been sky-diving.

MEG I was surprised to hear that he had been sky-diving and would do it again. He did not seem to be the adventurous type. He did seem to talk about his mom a lot.


MEG He was like a baby to me, in regard to dating, and I felt like I had to protect him and make sure he didn’t know too much about who I really am, because he might be scared of women forever.

DAVID After we finished dinner, we both decided we were set and full and didn’t want dessert. We sat and talked for a little while longer before deciding it was time to go. [The night ended with] a good-night hug and well wishes.

MEG I just felt so bad for him, in a sad-puppy way, and I figured I’d make his night and give him a hug and go our separate ways.





DAVID There was enough interest on my part. I was interested to see where things may go, but neither extreme. Age difference was a deal breaker for her.

MEG This would never work for me. I’m not attracted to guys who are almost 10 years younger than me or who look like my dorky brother. He’s just a sweet boy and he seems like he has a good heart. He has potential, I think, for the right girl, maybe someone more his age and like him in that sweet, sweet way that I just don’t possess anymore due to my experience with men.