November 4, 2012 The Food Issue

Wine dinners: Where the good times flow

Part lecture and part party, restaurant-hosted wine dinners are a deal for lovers of good food and conversation--and the wine’s not bad, either. Here’s how to get a seat at one and what to expect. By Stephen Meuse

Hubbard squash grown at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon are a new offering this fall at the sprawling, efficiency-focused Greater Boston Food Bank.

How the Greater Boston Food Bank is meeting a growing need

From farm to everyone’s table: To meet rising demand, especially for produce, the Boston nonprofit had to start thinking more like a business. By Scott Helman


The Republican candidate Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech. Why Mitt Romney lost

The candidate’s strength was also his undoing. By Neil Swidey

Winter Travel

Things to do during a New England winter

Dog sledding, tobogganing, birding, oh my. Here are six ways to frolic outdoors. By Daniel McGinn


Conservatives are from Mars, liberals are from Venus

We no longer view the other side as our loyal opposition. They’ve become dangerous enemies. Simply put: We’ve become bigots when it comes to politics. By Steve Almond

Dinner With Cupid

Dinner With Cupid: Crash course

His buddies showed up unannounced. Can these daters still find romance?

First Person

Brookline-based author Eve LaPlante has also written about two other famous ancestors: Anne Hutchinson and Samuel Sewall. Eve LaPlante on her famous cousin, Louisa May Alcott

Her new biography, Marmee & Louisa, explores the complex relationship between Alcott and her mother, Abigail.

Style Watch

8 home style steps to saturation infatuation

In this Newton Victorian, clever use of bold color creates a warm, energetic atmosphere. By Marni Elyse Katz


Tarte Normande showcases the Normandy region’s signature ingredients, apples and cream. A French apple menu

The fruit stars in three classic dishes from Normandy. By Adam Ried

A Restaurant’s Take

Two hard ciders at The Independent

Try two New England brews at the Union Square bar and restaurant.

On the Block

For sale: Homes built 1940-1949

These properties--in Natick, Newton, and Cambridge--offer easy commutes and compact living.

Your Week Ahead

Imperial Acrobats of China. 5 things to do this week in and around Boston

Catch a martial arts spectacle, listen to free chamber music -- and don’t forget to vote.

Out and About

0ver 175 guests attended Tribute A Celebrity Series Gala held at the Ritz Carlton Boston Common Hotel. As seen around town

A singer, a shutterbug, and a supermodel.


Mindy Kaling on fashion smarts

The Cambridge-born actress makes a joke on Twitter.

Tales From the City

Mum’s the word

Botanical lessons on a walk around Plymouth.


Letters to the editor

Boston Globe Magazine readers respond to an article about bicycling without a helmet.